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THE DEAD DAISIES! Not exactly a household name at first glance. But when you learn a little bit about this band and its members, it turns out that it’s somewhat of a supergroup featuring Richard Fortus and Dizzy Reed (GUNS N ROSES), Marco Mendoza (THIN LIZZY, WHITESNAKE, TED NUGENT), Brian Tichy (BILLY IDOL, FOREIGNER), David Lowy (RED PHOENIX), and my interview victim Jon Stevens (NOISEWORKS, INXS). As The Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival is coming to a finish, it was a great chat with Jon that starts with, “Hello Mark, hi there, Jon Stevens with The Dead Daisies here”

Q: Jon, how are you?

A: I’m good mate, how ya doin?

Q: I’m good, it’s nice to hear your voice, thanks for calling in today!

A: It’s a pleasure mate. Whereabouts are you?

Q: I am near Long Beach, CA.

A: Ah, very good! I’m looking forward to getting down there.

Q: I get to see you guys in a couple weeks actually. How are things going for you on the road?

A: Very good Mark. We’re in Salt Lake City, just did Colorado.

Q: Have you played today already?

A: We play in a couple of hours, 5:15 or something like that.

Q: This tour you guys are on is a pretty solid rock n roll lineup if you ask me.

A: Oh mate, definitely. It’s a lot of fun and it’s exciting to be touring America with the Daisies. Certainly a few months ago when we made the album I didn’t think for a second that all this stuff would be happening. It’s been very gratifying!

Q: A great way to spend your summer here in America?

A: Definitely!

Q: You’ve been out for a month and half so far?

A: Yeah, we started up in New York and just went from there, did some East Coast stuff and drifting further west. The reception, we come out and it’s a shock value that’s kind of cool. We’re playing on the Cold Cock Stage, all new artists. It’s neat to be hanging out with all these young bands doing their thing. There’s a couple of really cool bands. WALKING PAPERS (Duff McKagan) are awesome. BEWARE OF DARKNESS are really awesome for a young band.

Q: I’ve spoken with a few of the bands on the tour so far like Beware Of Darkness, CHUCK SCHAFFER PICTURE SHOW, and DANKO JONES who had nothing but great things to say about you guys.

A: He’s a really nice guy and good to be on tour. Beware Of Darkness, I’m really liking their vibe. It’s a little 3-piece with great energy, great songs, and the singer is great. Just an awesome little band.

Q: From talking with everybody, this tour seems to have a great vibe of camaraderie to it.

A: Very True! 100%! Certainly no attitudes, and definitely not in these parts.

Q: You guys have a great rock n roll record out right now. Talking with Danko we discusses there’s not a lot of straight ahead rock n roll albums out these days.

A: There’s so much technology out there involved in making music nowadays it’s not like it’s real anymore. Myself and songwriting partner David just wanted to make a really good rock n roll record that harkens back to our roots you know, THE FACES, BAD COMPANY, FREE. Simple riffs, choruses, and songs that when played live are better live. When you’re playing straight ahead rock n roll, you can never catch what actually transpires in the live environment. All of these songs were written on acoustic guitar so they stand up in a really simple format as that’s how we started it.

Q: It’s reassuring to have bands putting out really good rock records and the history of the band members [in The Dead Daisies], can you speak a little bit about the guys?

A: Yeah, we’ve had a bit of a revolving door in the drummer position. Right now Frank Ferrer from Guns N Roses is playing with us as is Dizzy Reed. Marco Mendoza is on bass, Richard Fortus on guitar with David. A great bunch of guys and obviously incredible players and it’s good to hang out with them. We’re just doing our thing. We go to the UK in November and December. Unfortunately Marco can’t play with us so we’ve got another bass player named DARRYL JONES from THE ROLLING STONES so he’s joining us.

Q: Having the revolving door like that, is it something you guys have come to understand given the nature of the members in the band?

A: Yeah, absolutely! Marco toured with us in Australia when we toured with AEROSMITH. He’s also in the BLACK STAR RIDERS and we’re going to be touring with them. Just yesterday Darryl confirmed with us. We have a couple from Guns N Roses, a Rolling Stone, and me and David from Australia. It’s all friends just hooking up keeping up the vibe of the band. We know enough musicians who love to come out and play. We’re oldies, there’s no bullshit for the fans.

Q: Do you have any plans to come back to America soon?

A: Absolutely, ASAP I reckon! After the reception we’ve been getting here we’d like to be back in 2014. We did some recording with this line up just last week. We spent three days in the studio and cut down four songs. We’re gonna finish them up after the tour in LA after we finish in San Diego. We’re going to finish up the songs and see where it leads you know. Next year we’ll do another record and we’ll see who will be on it.


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