DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT reveals first glimpse of forthcoming ‘Retinal Circus’ CD/DVD

After releasing Epicloud last year to critical acclaim, the DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT is now ready to give fans the first preview of their next release: the Retinal Circus CD/DVD set! In regards to the Retinal Circus, Devin Townsend comments:

“So closing in on 8 months of work, we’re almost finished with the ‘Retinal Circus‘! It’s been a huge amount of work for everyone, from the show, down to DVD & Blu-ray authoring, artwork, logistics…(not to mention the show itself!) but we’re almost there, and when watched in its entirety, it’s really a heck of an experience! To tie you over until it’s out, here’s a clip of the song ‘Grace‘…It’s out of context obviously, but hopefully gives you a vague idea of what’s about to come out. It’s been a ton of work for everybody and we’re really quite proud of it…When the final products have been produced, we’ll let you know!

Filmed in fall 2012, the Retinal Circus takes place at London’s historic Roundhouse venue and includes a three hour plus performance that spans Devin Townsend’s entire career. With a full choir and theatrical cast, visual and aural enhancements unlike any show Devin has done to date, several special guests, circus performances and more, this CD/DVD set is a must-have for any Hevy Devy fan!

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