Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth) Starts New Band DEVILMENT

Dani Filth (of Cradle of Filth) has a brand new band called DEVILMENT. A taste of music also comes with the announcement.

DEVILMENT‘s first demo can be heard below, along with their bio, which makes for informational reading:

Originally formed by Daniel J Finch back in late 2011 amidst a bout of religious delirium, the band back then consisted of Simon Dawson on drums (Steve Harris/ex-Dearly Beheaded), Justin Walker (13 Candles) handling bass and Kieron De-Courci (ex-The Voice) on keys and weirdness, with the band experiencing a myriad of problems holding down a stable vocalist (the rope, i believe, was never quite strong enough).

Enter Daniel?s friend Dani Filth (Cradle Of Filth/Temple Of The Black Moon), who, although not entirely stable mentally, agreed to help out on a couple of tracks, which then turned swiftly into a studio demo, completed after Dani finished work on Cradle?s album The Manticore and Other Horrors last Summer.

The demo, known as Grotescapology featured eight tracks, which, although psychotically competent, were used solely as a backbone for a new line-up when Simon Dawson suddenly departed to record and tour the Steve Harris British Lion album, and the remaining two members agreed that work and distance were conspiring to keep them from dedicating enough time to the band.

Fortunately at this point, destiny, sat on a posturing horse, was proud to usher Nick Johnson (bass), Dan Jackson (guitar) and Aaron Boast (percussion) into the fray, three extremely competent musicians who suddenly grew out of the local musick scene, much like fruitful mushrooms on a slightly rotten log (here comes the ?fun guys? analogy!), and soon the band was at full steam once more and starting to write as a combined unit.

All within the space of a few months I might add.

Which was nice.

Thus October 2012 to the present day has proved to be a very productive time for the band, with a further 5 songs written towards a debut album, as well as the refinement of older material that a new, gelatinous line-up has dictated (plus a fistful of cool covers to boot?). So, with 2013 well underway, the band are looking mightily forward to the warmer months, a near-future that promises to be rife with the onset of a new plague of bewitchment and Devilment!

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