Autolatry Ready Independent Black Metal Full Length “Native”

New England Black Metal band Autolatry have revealed the details of upcoming full-length Native, set to be independently released June 18. The band?s latest effort is a concept album, telling a tale of Native American assimilation at the time of the colonial settling in New England.

Vocalist Karl Chamberlain comments, ?This album represents a powerful look into New England?s history as well as our history as a band. For the first time, the whole band was in one room when we wrote the album and the collaboration forced us to step up our game. Autolatry has always had an underlying concept, but ?Native? was created to flow conceptually, lyrically, and musically together. I see this as not just the next step, but an entire new beginning for us.? –

Track listing | Artwork

1. Colony
2. Waning Moon
3. Unrest with the Tide
4. Pale Dishonor
5. Setting of the Sun
6. Native

The album was engineered and mixed by guitarist/songwriter Dave Kaminsky at Morrisound Recordings in Tampa, FL and at the band?s home base in Mansfield, CT. Album artwork created by Casey Stone-Pirrie.

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