Finntroll Post Official ‘Blodsvept’ Trailer Online!

Finntroll have upped the ante with their Dimmu Borgir-esque single for ‘Blodsvept, and are now sharing a deeper, more inclusive trailer for the upcoming release. The album art and track listing for Blodsvept can be seen below, along with the official album teaser.

Finntroll - Blodsvept

Blodsvept track-listing:

1. Blodsvept
2. Ett Folk Förbannat
3. När Jättar Marschera
4. Mordminnen
5. Rösets Kung
6. Skövlarens Död
7. Skogsdotter
8. Häxbrygd
9. Två Ormar
10. Fanskapsfylld
11. Midvinterdraken

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