ANCIIENTS Premiere New Track From ‘Heat Of Oak’

Progressive rock/metal outfit ANCIIENTS have premiered a new song from their forthcoming album, ‘Heart of Oak’. The new track, “Faith and Oath” is streaming below.

Regarding the new ANCIIENTS song, guitarist Chris Dyck said,

“Faith and Oath began lyrically with some combo ideas about the Mayan’s serpent-god beliefs and a strange dream I had about a snake-killing ritual. The serpent originally was representing the deceiver; as the song progressed and the vibe was realized it became our anthem for courage and strength. The chorus features Scott Ruddy from Weirding (killer doomy Vancouver band) on vocals with me. The proggy fast riff is what i like to call a “ninja riff”…looks hard, easy to play. Kenny’s solo here is mental and I love how Hannay and Boon shift the timing on the last 2 repetitions of the solo riff to a swinging old 3/4 beat. The outro has Kenny laying down some sweet Dave Gilmours. We all dig Pink Floyd…Gilmour is the man. Cheers.”

ANCIIENTS have also announced their participation in the Death To All Tour. ANCIIENTS will tour alongside legendary metal icons Paul Masvidal, Steve DiGiorgio, and Sean Reinert: The ‘Human’ lineup of legendary metal pioneers, DEATH. The tour spans 3 weeks, hitting a dozen cities across North America. Regarding the tour, guitarist Kenneth Cook said “We are completely stoked and overjoyed to be invited to play on the “DEATH TO ALL” tour. Chuck Schuldiner and Death are legendary , and it is an honor to be able to celebrate his life for a great cause.” A portion of the proceeds will once again benefit the Sweet Relief charity, a non-profit devoted to helping musicians without insurance who are facing serious illness.

‘Heart of Oak’ is slated for a North American release on April 16th, and will be available on CD, limited edition double gate-fold Lp, and digitally. Previously, ANCIIENTS has streamed the tracks “Falling in Line”, and “Raise the Sun”. Both Tracks are available at the band’s Facebook page.

‘Heart of Oak’ track listing:
1. Raise the Sun
2. Overthrone
3. Falling in Line
4. The Longest River
5. One Foot in the Light
6. Giants
7. Faith and Oath
8. Flood and Fire
9. For Lisa

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