Former Killswitch Engage Singer Howard Jones Starts A New Band

This will interest some. Not all, just some. Former Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones has started up a brand new band. After Howard Jones g9t kicked out of Killswitch Engage and hit headlines for knocking up a pornstar in 2010, the singer has joined forces with All Shall Perish guitarist Francesco Artusato and Devolved drummer John Sankey to start a still-untitled project. The band, who are still hiring, will be working with Logan Mader on their debut album – out later in 2013.


 “It’s a different style of music for me. It’s heavy as anything any of us are known for but I get to do some different things people won’t expect. I’ve been singing almost all my life. Being around good songwriters and musicians in my former bands really helped mold me into who I am now.”


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