Lecherous Nocturne – Kreishloff (Guitar)

If you?re a fan of technical death metal, good chance you are already a fan of LECHEROUS NOCTURNE, and if you haven?t heard of these dudes yet, do yourself a favor and check ?em out.  SMNnews got a chance to quick speak with Kreishloff, one of the guitarists for LECHEROUS NOCTURNE about a few things.  Their upcoming album Behold Almighty Doctrine comes out this March 19 via our friends at Unique Leader, so keep tabs on the band online: https://www.facebook.com/lecherous.nocturne 

Alex Gilbert (SMNnews): Guys, your new album Behold Almighty Doctrine is a technical death metal masterpiece! While the musicianship is obviously jaw dropping to myself, the album also has a flow to it. Being now your third full length, you guys must be stoked on the outcome?

Kreishloff (LECHEROUS NOCTURNE ? Guitar): Thanks man, glad you like the record. We are very excited with the new release. As with any new record the songs are fairly fresh with the band and what not so playing the material is still new and fun.  Not that the older songs are boring for us but for me that?s the whole point to writing songs and recording is to be able to freshen up the live set.

Alex: In between all the metal insanity, I ran into ?Prelude No. 2? and I must say, I love the mood it adds to the album. Did someone in LECHEROUS NOCTURNE play it?

Kreishloff: Yeah our guitarist Ethan Lane played the piece. I have always wanted to have a dark twisted piano part on record with this band but we just weren?t able to do so on past efforts, so when Ethan joined the band I knew he played piano, I had no idea he was as good as he was. So it was determined that we have some sort of piano part that would to our ears accentuate the overall feel of the record.

Alex: You guys have always been an extreme metal band with very tight chops, and I must say you’ve upped the ante on Behold Almighty Doctrine. Some of those riffs are some of the darkest I?ve heard from the band. ?Judgments And Curses? as well as ?Ouroboros Chains? really stuck out to me, and the song buildup in ?Creation Continuum? is powerful, yet sort of keeps you guessing. I could go on and on with this album, but what are some of your favorite songs?

Kreishloff: I like all the songs for different reasons but a few of my favorite are ?Those Having Been Hidden Away?, ?Lesions From Vicious Plague?, and ?Caustic Vertigo?. However, I prefer to listen to the record front to back for the overall vibe.


Alex: I?m loving the album art on Behold Almighty Doctrine. Care to give any quick promo for the artist in charge?

Kreishloff: Absolutely, his name is Justin Abraham. He is a very talented artist and fairly unknown. We will be using Justin for some time to come, I believe he will go far. Check out some of his other work as well at www.artofjustinabraham.com   I encourage bands to contact him for work.

Alex: Dude, even all the intros, interludes, and outros on this album are intriguing to say the very least. I have a short attention span at times so I skip over that stuff sometimes, but you guys surely put something great together from start to finish. Was there any intended concept?

Kreishloff: No, not any real aural concept or anything, we had just never done anything like that before so I think we are kind of green at the intro thing. There was a cool melody that we fucked with and contorted and added shit to in the studio that actually worked.  I guess we just kind of fell onto the idea and ran with it.

Alex: It?s been a minute since we?ve seen LECHEROUS NOCTURNE touring the US. Any future touring plans you can let us in on?

Kreishloff: It?s been a year since our last tour with Deicide, Jungle Rot, and Abigail Williams. We had to finish up vocals after the tour due to the need to fire then vocalist Brett Bentley ten days deep into the tour. Good thing Ethan is very familiar with the vocals and arranged many of the patterns for Brett to record so he was able to do the vocals for the remainder of the tour. When we got home, I contacted our original guitarist Chris Lollis and invited him to return to the band as front man.  As it stands now there is no tour plans on the books. I expect that will change once the record is officially out March 19th.

Alex: Have any plans/ideas for a music video in support of Behold Almighty Doctrine? If so, what song(s) do you have in mind?

Kreishloff: We will be doing a Vid for ?Judgments and Curses? with Garrett Williams. Garrett produced our ?Just War Theory? video and has an eye for what we are looking for as far as a visual is concerned. Filming will start in the next couple of months so look for it to drop this summer.

Alex: Here?s a fun and tricky question. If you could organize a dream tour, who would be on it?

Kreishloff: We have been fortunate enough to tour with some of the greats already but for me the top tour bill Marduk, Gorguts, Angelcorpse, Lecherous Nocturne, Immolation, 1349, Cannibal Corpse. Not in any order but I think that would be a very intense month or two off fucking metal.

Alex: When we come visit you guys in South Carolina, where are some cool places in your opinion to grab a bite to eat, catch a show, etc.? I have a friend out in Charleston who tells be they have the best oysters in the US, is this true?

Kreishloff: Well, you have the beach, you have the mountains, and you have the rednecks, enjoy the first two and avoid the last! There are several micro brews and killer places to eat in the area. If you are to see a show then go to Ground Zero in Spartanburg, SC. Mick Minchow has been bringing national acts to the area for well over a decade. As far as oysters go I wouldn?t have a clue, not a huge fan.

Alex: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us over here at SMNnews. Any last words?

Kreishloff: Thank you for the support and the kind words about the record. See you all on the road.

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