Nonpoint Launches Indiegogo Campaign To Support Touring

Nonpoint has launched an IndieGogo campaign to help financially support their upcoming touring plans. Nonpoint is currently out on the road with Hinder and will join the All That Remains, Hellyeah and In This Moment tour on March 18. Oh, and YES, this was sent out by their label. Insulting?

Nonpoint explains the campaign.

?As you know, we?re on some killer tours this spring with Hinder, All That Remains and Hellyeah and are thrilled to be out kicking ass every night across the States. We?ve had a blast with each and every one of you and can?t wait to see the rest of your faces in the coming months! Touring ain?t the easiest job in the world, and you guys make it possible for us to keep chugging along. It?s all about give and take. We have officially finished creating a campaign that allows us here in Nonpoint to finance these tours, but it’s not something we can do on our own. This is where you guys come in. And in return for your support, we’ll be returning the favor. So – we are going to be offering a number of very VERY exclusive, limited-supply Nonpoint goodies. This is the ONLY chance anyone will ever have to pick up any of these tasty temptations, so make sure you get the chance to check out what we’re going to be offering. Thank you all for helping Nonpoint make 2013 the best year we’ve ever had!!?

Dude, Where?s Our Bus?! 2013

  • $5 Nonpoint Demos: 2000 available
  • $10 Back Lounge EP: 1000 available
  • $25 Autographed Poster + Demos + Back Lounge EP: 1000 available
  • $40 Exclusive T-Shirt + Demos + Back Lounge EP: 500 available
  • $60 Exclusive Hoodie + Demos + Back Lounge EP: 300 available
  • $100 GOGO PACK (Shirt/Hoodie/ Demos + Back Lounge EP): 200 available
  • $125 Autographed drum head + poster + Demos & Back Lounge EP: 50 available
  • $150 Hang backstage with the band + Demos + Back Lounge EP (U.S. ONLY): 20 available
  • $200 Be a stage tech and watch the show from stage + t-shirt + Demos + Back Lounge EP (U.S. ONLY): 10 available
  • $500 Golden Ticket + shirt + Demos + Back Lounge EP (U.S. ONLY): 25 available
  • $1,000 Bowling, laser tag or paintball party with the band (U.S. ONLY): 10 available
  • $5,000 10 song Pre-show Private Acoustic set for you and 20 of your friends and tickets for all of you for that nights show. (U.S. ONLY)

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