Suffocation Hate Gun Control But Love Death Metal

SMN recently had a chance to chat with Suffocation bassist Derek Boyer about their seventh album and upcoming release, The Pinnacle Of Bedlam. We talk gun control, touring plans, Black Sabbath, and death metal…a few excerpts…read the whole interview here.

Do you think that death metal has a genre has grown to be something that?s more appreciated in today?s world, or less?

I do think death metal is more appreciated in the world today. We?re seeing more and more extreme music on TV and in movies these days too. Aggressive music is definitely more accepted now than ever.

Suffocation live is a thing of beauty. Earplugs recommended for those with weak ear canals. What can we look forward to on the Suffocation touring front?

We plan to begin touring in April and to hit territories such as North America, Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia. I’ve even hear talk of South Africa! So it looks like we’ll be getting out there! We definitely look forward to supporting the new album.

Gun ownership ? do you support it or want to see the limits Obama is recommending be put into action?

There is no fucking way the government should be able to restrict American Citizens when it comes to our guns. We all need to be able to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Limiting how many bullets we’re allowed in our clips is nothing more than them trying to control us. They can try to spin anyway they want but it’s nothing more than a control issue, and the government wants the control.

In addition,  Suffocation have posted a short documentary chronicling the making of their most recent video clip for the song ?As Grace Descends?. The clip was shot by director Tommy Jones (Kataklysm, Soilwork) at Duff?s in Brooklyn, NY where several fans showed up for the filming.

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