The Acacia Strain Announces B-Side and Rarities Album

The Acacia Strain are ending their arrangement with label Prosthetic Records, with whom they released four albums through. The Acacia Strain has assembled “Money For Nothing,” a compilation of rarities, B-sides and previously unheard tracks by the band. Preview what the fine folks in The Acacia Strain have in store:

The track listing for Money For Nothing  is as follows:

1. Money For Nothing (previously unreleased original song from “The Dead Walk” sessions)
2. Brown Noise (2006) (alternate “Dead Walk“-era version of the “3750” song)
3. Global Warning (previously a “Continent” LP-only bonus track)
4. Stay Puft (previously a “Continent” LP-only bonus track)
5. The Hills Have Eyes (2009) (alternate “Pentagon.3” version of the “Wormwood” song)
6. Terminated (2009) (alternate “Pentagon.3” version of the “Wormwood” song)

The title track will be unveiled in full this Friday.

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