Greeley Estates – Ryan Zimmerman (vocals)

The Narrow Road is only the beginning of the Greeley Estates story. Look for the conclusion, Devil Son, coming in early 2013.

Greeley Estates is:
  • Ryan Zimmerman (Vocals)
  • Brandon Hackenson (Guitar)
  • David Ludlow (Guitar)
  • Chris Julian (Drums)
  • Kyle Koelsch (Bass)

Answered by vocalist Ryan Zimmerman, we get a quick Q&A hammered through with the Greeley Estate icon.


 The Narrow Road - Greeley Estates

What are you doing at this very minute?   

Trying to wake up, drinking some coffee, eating a blueberry eggo, picking my nose.

What made you choose the cover that you did for this album and how did you find inspiration for it?  

We have had the same guy do all of our covers over the years.  His name is Brian Trummel and his company is called THE BLACK RHINOS.  We told him we wanted something different for this record, maybe something that looked old and creepy.  He found this old photo from the late 1800?s, early 1900?s of the kid praying and we thought it was perfect for the title of the split record THE NARROW ROAD/DEVIL SON.  You don?t know if the kid is really trying to do whats right (choose the narrow road) or if he is a little bastard like the DEVIL SON.

Where did the name Narrow Road originate from?  

It came from a passage in the Bible Matthew 7:14 ?For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.?  I think it?s a cool passage so I wrote a song about it.  Its always a difficult road when you choose to do what?s right. Usually a lonely place when you stand for what you believe in.

What can we expect to hear when you release Devil Son?

Right now a general 2013 date has been put out there. Yeah it should be out early 2013.  It will be a totally different direction than THE NARROW ROAD. We always like to switch it up so hopefully it will catch a  lot of people by surprise.

What kind of reaction has the new album received from the fans?

So far the reaction has been great. Honestly I feel like overall this record has had the best respond from both fans and reviews.  I feel like we had time to really focus and find a direction with this EP. Hopefully the same will happen with DEVIL SON.

 How much time and effort was put into making this album since it was an independent record release?

We spent most of 2012 writing and recording.  We knew we were in spot to either write something that we love and want to share with our fans or pack our bags and find something new to do.  We have been a band a long time and we feel like we will know when our time is up.  Our fans have been good to us with this independent release and we are all really thankful for the support.

Do you feel that your fans or fan base is still the same as it was when your first album came out?

No, we have some that have been with us since the beginning but our band has been around almost a decade with a bunch of lineup changes and musical directions. You cant expect to keep everyone along for the ride.  We like to switch it up on each release and stay relevant and hopefully reach some new people each time.

How far do you feel you have come from the beginning of your career until now?

Honestly, I have always tried to remember where I was at the beginning. It always bummed me out when I listened to bands and they got boring and tried to play it safe later in their careers. I have always tried to keep that edge that I know our listeners want and that I want from music.  Its been a great ride. I never thought I would get to see the world with this band and play alongside some of my favorite artists.

What is your favorite part about being in a band? Shitty tour busses? Girls? 

Ha, I love the writing process, the lives shows, the time spent with fans that really appreciate the music and the great times ive had chilling with my band (who I consider family.)  I think our intentions for getting into this biz were right from the start. We always did it for the love of music and never for the fame, girls, etc. That?s stuff comes and goes but the music is what lasts hopefully for a long time with our fans.

Who inspired you to get into the music business?

I loved going to shows when I was a kid and I was one of those super fans that always wanted to meet the band.  Bands like MXPX, Finch, The Used, GlassJaw, The Bled, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday , Norma Jean etc. were bands I was listening to a ton when we first started

Do you feel as if your band has got to where it?s going in its current dynamic or is there more changes to be made?

Yeah I hope this is the final line up when have.  I feel this is the most solid lineup musically and we all work together well.  I don?t think I have the strength to go through another change haha

Was it hard to lose some of the original band members and did this inspire the change in sound your band has had over the years?

 Yeah its always tough to lose someone.  You spend 10 months out of the year living together and pretty much being a family on the road.  All of our changes have been for the best in the long run but its difficult at the time.  Sometimes the changes allow someone to step up and show that they are great at writing music. This was the case on our record GO WEST YOUNG MAN? when Brandon our guitarist had to take over writing the music.

Did your fans take the changes in band members well?

I think it always bums kids out.  Its so easy to get attached to band members now with all the online stuff.  Sometime change freaks out fans too because they think you will be breaking up.

When you guys tour do you still play old songs that were released when the band was first starting off?

No not as of now.  Our music has changed so much over the years. I think it would be fun to do it someday. Im not sure how the response would be ha.  A lot of our older fans probably don?t even listen to heavy music anymore.  They probably jam John Mayer or something like that now ha.

Since you?ve let out a new album is there a tour or anything else we can except to see coming from you guys in the new year (besides the release of Devil Son)?

As of now there is nothing booked for 2013. We are just trying to finish up DEVIL SON and we are working on some music videos etc for both releases.

If you had a choice to turn back time and sit down with one person in history for 30 minutes ? who would it be?

Oh Geez, these questions?. I mean I guess I would have to say Jesus.

If you were to go on tour in the upcoming year who would you like to tour with?

 Honestly, I would probably just want to be out with our homies, bands like Oh Sleeper, Memphis Mayfire, Bless The Fall,  A Skylit Drive. Tour is always better with your friends

What about if you were to turn back time and get the chance to forge your own path and direction ? would you still be playing music? 

 Yeah even with all the heartache and gangster tour living situations I would still choose this path. Sometimes I wonder if Ill live through the end of this band ha. Either way its been a fun ride and I wouldn?t change it.


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