Update On Protest The Hero’s Crowd Funding

How about Protest The Hero and their testing of the waters with crowd funding for their new album? At time of writing yesterday, Protest The Hero had raised north of $140K (on a $125,000 target) in less than 24 hours. Today they are over $180,000!


Protest The Hero has released a short statement of thanks to all those involved in donating to their album recording fund and are, naturally, stunned.

In dark times for grassroots bands…this surely has to be a way forward.

“That was pretty fuckin insane, right? Needless to say we are shocked, and eternally in your debt. From those of you who simply spread the word, to the crazy big spenders, our deepest and and most sincere thank you. In a time when we thought our fan base was potentially dwindling, you guys came and gave us a much needed kick in the pants. Our confidence is at an all time high and we have you to thank for that.”


  1. BJ says:

    Congratulations! Also trying to raise money for a feature length documentary. Wish us luck.

  2. This is probably off topic. Please PLEASE help me out by giving another chance olife to my family.
    One dollar for you is a whole world to me!