Candlelight Records Updates Band Roster

Candelight Records has updated their entire roster, signing a slew of bands to worldwide deals. Check out a few of the names below. New music is always welcome in this house.

  • EARTH CRISIS (World): No hardcore or metal fan can be unaware of EARTH CRISIS or the contribution the Syracuse-based band has made to heavy music since their founding in 1989. Now in 2013, the band begins a new chapter with a new record, a new label, a new quest to deliver music as only they can. Expected to begin recording late spring, watch for updates as the five-piece prep for an active and productive year.
  • PALEHORSE (World): Terrorizer Magazine call this UK bevy, ?a band who marry a palpable viciousness of delivery with a desire to sidestep heavy amplification convention in search of a more unsettling and uncompromising onslaught.? Together since 2000, the band have released two full-length albums; both overwhelmingly received by media. Now for album number three, the band expects to turn even more heads
  • DEMON LUNG (World): The Las Vegas-based quartet have completed recording with Billy Anderson and are anticipating a late spring release. The band notes of the recording adventure, ?recording with Billy was an amazing experience creatively and personally. Having never met him before, we were a bit intimidated by his resume and the fact that he has recorded some of our favorite albums. But within the first three minutes we knew we were in good hands.? Anderson notes, ?it’s going to be an epic album by an epic band.?
  • VOICES (World): Featuring Akercocke/My Dying Bride drummer David Gray with Akercocke?s Peter Benjamin and Sam Loynes, this new UK-based black metal band is set to release their debut via Candlelight in the coming months. From the Human Forest Create A Fugue of Imaginary Rain was recorded at London?s Legacy Studios and was produced by Dan Abela. Terrorizer has already called the record ?a unique beast brimming with ultra-blasts and dexterous riffing.?
  • CNOC UN TURSA (World): The epic sounds of this Scottish quartet will impress those that enjoy the diversity of the current pagan/black/folk metal explosion. The band?s Candlelight debut, The Giants Of Auld, was recorded at Foel Studios in Wales by acclaimed producer Chris Fielding (Primordial, Electric Wizard). It is set for North American release late March. Heathen Harvest calls the album ?a potent mixture of black metal riffage and rousing, epic atmosphere.?
  • NON EXISTENCE (World): The Austria-based band fronted by Philip Santoll is ready to unveil their second album via Candlelight this spring. Antarctica combines the familiar bombast of Dimmu Borgir with an Arcturus-like avant-garde swagger, and the melancholy of My Dying Bride. The band says the album is as cold and massive as it is beautiful and raw. The album follows up the band?s 2007 debut, Nihil.
  • MAEL MORDHA (World): With three full-length albums already to their credit, Ireland?s Gaelic doomsters now join forces with Candlelight for their next chapter. The quintet is currently busy working on the follow-up to 2010?s Manannan. The band recently performed alongside Primordial at the Redemption Festival in Dublin. Rotting Christ, Solstafir, and labelmates Winterfylleth were also featured on the bill
  • HOPELESS YOUTH (World): These Canadians have been stumbling between basement shows and venues as they strive to bring fast aggressive music to everyone. After self releasing their own self-titled ep, Hopeless Youth have proved that they have what it takes to go to the next level. Now signed to Candlelight, the five-piece will be releasing a full length with plans to tour the world. Whether it’s beer soaked or sober, they’ll stop at nothing to play everywhere.
  • SHADE EMPIRE (World): Finland-based symphonic black metal band are set to silence a four year hiatus with a new record via candlelight records. Metal Observer calls the band, ?a smorgasbord of melodic thrash, technical death metal, and synthesized chaos with an industrial sheen.? Chronicles of Chaos call them, ?a veritable melting pot of metal genres.? It will be exciting to hear what this six-piece have in store for fans in the coming months.
  • ARMED FOR APOCALYPSE (Europe): The Sacramento band is hard-at-work on album number two. It is expected for release late spring. Featuring former members of Will Haven, the four-piece has performed alongside a wide-range of artists including Unearth, The Used, Static-X, Helmet, Lazarus A.D., and The Funeral Pyre.
  • WOUNDED KINGS (World): From the misty moors of Dartmoor, the respected quartet now call Candlelight their home. Roadburn alumni, WOUNDED KINGS have a sizeable world following and their new record is already eagerly anticipated. Aquarian Weekly says the band?s ?riffs are so locked in doom lore that you can almost imagine there was a thin sheet of dust on the two-inch tape this was plainly recorded on from the irregularly dusted castle it was plainly recorded in.?
  • SADGIQACEA (World): Heavy Planet says, ?while destroying everything in their path, Philadelphia-based Sadgiqacea creates an inspiring assault of beauty meets devastation. Crushing riffs and ambient beauty swirl as the vocals bark? epic and full on sludge.? Fueled by the duo of Evan Schaefer and Fred Grabosky, the band recently completed their Candlelight debut. Expect an April release
  • HYBRIS (World): Weaving technical thrash with classic heavy metal and strong hints of progressive, these London thrashers are set to unveil their debut album late spring. Band founder/leader Federica proves that girls can truly thrash. The band has been regulars to the stage, playing alongside Municipal Waste, Helstar, Volture, and others.

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