Protest The Hero’s Crowd Funding Raises $140K

Protest The Hero should be applauded for their brave step forward outside the clutches of ‘the industry’. Protest The Hero has taken the monumental leap into crowd funding in order to stir up support (and fill their bank accounts) for their new album. In what must be a record, Protest The Hero has raised over $140,000 in less than 24 hours, beating out their target of $125,000 by some considerable margin. That donation amount is also still growing. More details here!

Protest the Hero are offering various incentives to those who donate, ranging from them writing a song about you, cover a song of your choice, including you in their album release party, to having donors actually do guest vocals on the official album.

We ask…is this the way forward?

In case you’re interested, here’s Protest The Hero‘s proposed budget allocation plans:

Protest The Hero Crowd Funding Budget

Recording Budget
Pre Production ($200 a song) $2,000.00
Launch Video $1,500.00
Studio Fees
Studio Time $22,500.00
Producer Fees $20,000.00
Other Workers (engineer, assistants) $8,000.00
Gear Rental $2,000.00
Gear Purchase $2,500.00
Tech work $1,500.00
Per Diems ($25) $4,000.00
Band Salary per member, per month $833.33
Session Fees TBD
After Recording
Mixing Fees $8,000.00
Mastering $2,500.00
Artwork $2,500.00
Exclusive Artwork $1,500.00
Other Expenses
Management Commission TBD
Travel $1,500.00
Accommodations $2,000.00
Hard drives and other random expenses $700.00
Grand Total $92,700.00
Fundraising Total $125,000.00
Indie GoGo Fees (4%) -$5,000.00
Credit Card fees (3%) -$3,750.00
Adjust Gross $116,250.00
Cost of Goods for Perks (20%) -$23,250.00
Studio Money $93,000.00

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