An SMNnews Exclusive: Eluveitie’s Hurdy Gurdy Led Wish Lists

Anna Murphy of Eluveitie wrote in to SMN to let us know what she (along with the rest of the band) would have liked for Christmas a few weeks ago. Anna Murphy is, of course, the lead singer and hurdy-gurdy dynamo for Eluveitie. Bring on the glorious folk metal.


Eluveitie’s Wish List

  • Lots of snow
  • A coffee machine from Starbucks
  • An iTunes card for 30 bucks
  • A new pair of trousers (Chrigel sized)
  • All the Before Watchmen comics (so whoever is getting that might want to wait a little until all of them are out, thanks!)
  • A pony

All to be sent to “Eluveitie in Switzerland.” They’ll find them.

Oh, what’s the hurdy-gurdy? Watch this Anna Murphy led tutorial:


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