An SMNnews Exclusive: Downstait Offer Up Their Merry Tithings

Enjoy a belated series of Heavy Metal Christmas wish list responses from rockers Downstait. Let me know if you need anything else. See what these stragglers wanted, and give them a listen while you’re at it. Downstait‘s hit single ‘I Came To Play’, with over 1 million views, can be streamed below.




  • Groceries
  • New boots
  • Scarlett Johansen
  • 5 golden rings
  • Tour Bus
  • Pink PS3 controller
  • A year?s worth of free laser tag
  • Easy Bake Oven
  • Tour of the Lucas Ranch
  • No more debt
  • Day with Jonah Hill (he’s funny)
  • I’d like to remake ?Charlie Brown’s Christmas? but live action
  • Play SNL
  • Play Wrestlemania
  • Get made fun of by ?South Park?
  • Sail on a diamond plated gold painted boat
  • Fly like an eagle
  • Have a tweet fight with Obama
  • Drink with Charlie Sheen
  • Get fatherly advice from Martin Sheen
  • New copy of ?Mariokart 64?
  • Big Wheels for the whole band
  • Dave and Busters day
  • Glow in dark ceiling stars
  • Real life Wizard’s Chess
  • All six Chicago Bulls championship dvds
  • Liquor
  • Pet elephant


  • Season tickets for the Cincinnati Reds


  • Life size replica of Iron Man


  • 9 square miles of shit
  • Hang with Chris Jericho


  • Spa day


  • New cat for Marcy to play with
  • More leather

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