An SMNnews Exclusive: All I Want For Christmas Column w/ The Boss, Stefanie, and Alex from SMNnews!!

Hey all, we hope you\’ve been enjoying our exclusive All I Want For Christmas Column in which we\’ve been asking artists for their holiday wishlists.  We thought it\’d be a fun one, and a fresh breath of air from everyone else\’s generic \”What are your favorite albums of 2012\” columns.  We\’ve had a ton of great submissions thus far, and will be posting more throughout Christmas day (yes, we will be live today, so step away from the tree and eggnog to check us out throughout the day), but for any of you SMNnews fans out there, here are the wishlists of the SMNnews staffers.  Oh, and if you\’re a social person, go \”like\” us on Facebook, you know you want to:

Stefanie Heminger – All I Want For Christmas is-
Weird Al\’s left pinky toe, Marilyn Manson\’s missing eyebrows, David Bowie\’s bulge from labyrinth, Tommy Lee\’s member as a vehicle horn, & Zakk Wylde\’s beard mounted above my fireplace.

Alex Gilbert – All I Want For Christmas is-
-Season tickets to the LA Lakers
-An endless supply of Triscuits
-An iPad 3 (yes, I am behind in the tablet category)
-An endless supply of Monster Energy Drinks (all flavors)
-And for ANIMOSITY to get back together

The Boss – All I Want For Christmas is-
1. Tarja Turunen to rejoin Nightwish.
2. BrokenCYDE to break up.
3. Pantera reunion with Zakk Wylde.
4. For any new Sabbath music to not slurp my noodle.
5. For my lady to stop wanting to buy a dog smaller than my snowboarding boots.

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