A Skylit Drive Post Lyric Video for ‘Fallen’ from 2013 Album

A Skylit Drive has released a lyric video for their new song “Fallen”. The song is from the band?s soon to be released new album coming in 2013 (album details to be revealed soon).

Lead vocalist Michael Jagmin of A Skylit Drive comments:

?’Fallen’ is about having the courage to look those who hold you back in the face, and telling them they can’t bring you down any longer. It’s about seeing passed [sic] all the bullshit, and fighting with every ounce you have to achieve what you want. It’s the ultimate anthem for anyone and everyone that has a dream.?

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  1. Chris says:

    I’m good friends with Nick, the guitar player in A Skylit Drive. We talked a few months back about making an album that would help take them out of the “scene” and give them more mainstream audience. I really think this album will be a big step in that direction. They are a bunch of great guys and they did a great job with this song. . Best of luck guys!!!