Greeley Estates: The Narrow Road

In alternative music Metal/Post-Hardcore has become a big genre within a genre. Tons of bands are on the scene as of today, but some are better known then others. Greeley Estates is not very big in general but they have a good name in the kind of music they make. Being more popular to play in festivals like Warped Tour.

Sense their start in 2002, this Arizona made band has released 5 full length albums, an EP, and changed band members so that only two original members remain. This has all lead them to The Narrow Road ,their newest album. This road is a little different then the road they started on.

The Narrow Road, all thought it is slightly the same as all the other things they have done up until this point is a much different sound as a whole from the Greeley Estates who started this band down the path to making this album possible.

This 7 track album has one continuous sound to it, almost as if it is just one big song. It also has very little singing and a very fast guitar. It is more of a hardcore sound that still suits the hybrid talents of the singer Ryan Zimmerman, With both his beautiful singing voice and the fact he can scream it like no other.

With this being the first of two parts they are releasing first The Narrow Road , then Devil Son which i am assuming will have the same sound of whole-ness like the second part of a great story that the band is trying to tell.

The cover of the album is a black and white image of a boy praying, which is an almost ironic/ fitting imagine seeing as how the second part is called Devil Son and the last song on The Narrow Road is named Doomsday. If the boy was praying for this album to be good his prayers have been answered.


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