Watain Sign to Century Media Records

Swedish black metal band Watain has been welcomed in to the Century Media Records family. They seem pretty excited. Even making up the word ‘rememberable’ in their announcement!

“We are writing this from a magical place of desolation and desert-like vastness, where wondrous things are at this very moment taking place. Things that will come to colour our world as well as yours in the strangest hues for many years to come. We are entering this new chapter of WATAIN with a will and confidence to make it the most diverse and rememberable so far. And with the things that we have in mind for the future, it looks like it will be just so. Just wait and see, f***ers! Loud and terrible shall the trumpets of Devils sound…”

Watain‘s 5th studio album will be out in 2013. http://www.templeofwatain.com has music and stuff.

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