I See Stars vs Ronnie Radke

I See Stars were given the boot from the Falling In Reverse tour by frontman Ronnie Radke. It’s pathetic and amusing all at the same time. Here are the updates from I See Stars and Sumerian Records. You can watch Ronnie Radke‘s diatribe below as well.

Months ago before “The Thug In Me Is You” tour started, a cop found marijuana in our van. We were arrested. As a result, Ronnie said we were kicked off the upcoming tour.

All the shows on the tour were already on sale with our name being advertised, so we didn’t think it was fair to th
e fans or to ourselves to not be able to go play where people were expecting us. We offered Ronnie to play the shows for free so he could keep our pay every night of the entire tour as long as we could still keep our commitment to the fans, i.e. the people who are the reason any of this is even possible. Ronnie said OK and allowed us back on the tour but said that we would have to sign paperwork saying we would not tell anyone that we weren’t getting paid to be on the tour. The venues and the fans were both not allowed to know the truth, because Ronnie knew it would make him look really bad to the world. The fact that money changed Ronnie’s mind about kicking us off the tour just goes to show his lack of integrity. If he was really that concerned or fundamentally against that we got caught with a little weed, then the extra cash in his pocket wouldn’t have changed his decision.

Because Sumerian Records was willing to give us a serious amount of financial tour support, we were still able to hit the road without getting paid. However we would quickly find out that us agreeing to Ronnie’s ridiculous terms of silence and playing for free were simply not good enough for him. He resulted to threatening violence against Zach in Grand Rapids because “he didn’t like his stupid f’n face” and then the next night in our hometown of Detroit kicked us off the tour. His 47-year old tour manager then physically assaulted our tour manager and the FIR camp once again resorted to violent behavior. Ronnie would later that night throw fans out who paid to get in to the show because they are chanting another band’s name and make fun of their physical attributes in front of everyone. That is the act of a true coward.

We have been lucky enough to to tour with a lot of great bands like Parkway Drive, Suicide Silence, Asking Alexandria, Trivium, Motionless In White, A Day To Remember, Stick To Your Guns, Memphis May Fire, The Word Alive and others.. and never had a problem. We want to thank Enter Shikari, LetLive, Matt Toka and all the other members of Falling In Reverse besides Ronnie for being great people and a true pleasure to tour with. We are sorry to all the fans out there who were expecting to see us. We’ll be back as soon as we can.

I See Stars

There is nothing cool, rock & roll, punk rock, or admirable about treating your peers or fans like they are pieces of garbage. Ronnie Radke is not a good human being. It’s one thing to love someone’s music, but do not love someone as an individual for who they are not. We do not think it is a coincidence this is the same guy who was arrested for the horrible, violent things you can read about in the links below. He cares about no one but himself and he has reminded us all of this. His latest tweet “people at our shows come to see us everything else is irrelevant. Nuff said.” is his way of telling all the other bands he tours with that they don’t matter. Why any artist would throw that type of negativity and disrespect out is something we will never understand. This scene is supposed to be about compassion and understanding. Ronnie is rotten.

Out of respect for the industry professionals involved in this debacle, we will not be publicly disclosing any legal documents on the internet. We can confirm that Ronnie kicked the band off the tour but allowed them back on after they forfeited their pay. We can confirm that they were being forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement regarding this in order to stay on the tour. We can confirm that I See Stars were not kicked off yesterday in Detroit because of anything to do with drugs. It was because a grown man was throwing a temper tantrum who claims to be “rock & roll” but is actually worse than a neurotic pop-star diva with a God complex. Just because you no longer do drugs doesn’t mean you are no longer a horrible human being. Ronnie now abuses people instead of substances.”


  1. Nick says:

    Ronnie radke is boss, i see stars are a bunch of women !

  2. paul says:

    ronnie is a what we “true” music fans would like to call a -punk ass bitch- they are only on tour because a bunch of kids (ages 12-17) have found them to be a “good band” nothing worth listening to if your 18 or older. fuck that band i see stars could be on a better tour.

  3. Paul says:

    I’m not taking either side on this one. But, in my personal opinion, Ronnie Radke has blown this way out of proportion. Respect is a choice among the people. It shouldn’t be his problem if other people do not respect him. Why? Because they’re not living the life Ronnie is. And for the other band, I See Stars, needs to act a little more professional & mature if they really wanna do something with their band. Frankly, both need to apologize & move on. Again, this all based on my opinion. I only know what the media reports.

    Signing off,

  4. Tara says:

    My opinion on this matter is that Ronnie was kicked out of escape the fate for a reason. I see stars is amazing and I would always go to a show to see them. They are a true band that cares about their fans and not what other bands do on their free time. If I were them I would have never agreed to tour with falling in reverse because of Ronnie’s past. But this is why I like them because they don’t give a s*** they want to be there for their fans not worry about the bands they are touring with. I watched that video and I would have loved to be one of those people he kicked out. Just so I can post what a big a** Ronnie is.

  5. Mandie says:

    The bottom line here is Ronnie Radke is the scum of the Earth. Not only is he being charged with beating his girlfriend and false imprisonment, he’s now physically harming fans by throwing heavy mic stands into the crowd, yelling slurs at fans, disrespecting everyone around him and treating people like he’s entitled. He preaches acceptance of others and then calls fans in the crowd faggots for chanting for the band they paid to see. I See Stars is an AMAZING band and they deserve way more respect than Radke has give them. I See Stars is native to my home state of Michigan and I have mad respect for them…I hope Lorenzo Antonucci gets ahold of his little girly looking bitch ass to teach him some damn manners.

  6. Ferrah says:

    Umm. I hope Ronnie realizes what a ass he has been. I still love his music though.