Deception Of A Ghost – Life Right Now

It feels as if just yesterday I was banging some ?Breaking Benjamin?s Neck?, and now we?ve got ourselves a new DECEPTION OF A GHOST (DOAG) album!  I enjoyed their debut Speak Up, You?re Not Alone, and in comparison with their new album Life Right Now, I?d say the band has upped the ante with more fury and focus, and this album really showcases the growth of DOAG, while showcasing how fun they still are.  The album is filled with gang chants galore, and I feel like DOAG has been listening to some extensive The Ghost Inside these past two years, but hey, nothing wrong with that.  Fans of the last album will be fans of Life Right Now, plain and simple, and here are a few bullet points why.

The first single DOAG released publicly was the banger ?American Terrorist?, and this is the meanest DOAG song I?ve ever heard.  The intro is very melodic  yet common sense tells you that some mosh worthy material is about to come.  Surely enough, DOAG comes out at full force with a heavy guitar rampage, and some riffs chunkier than Warren Sapp?s Campbell?s Soup.  The hooks are easily singable, clean vocalist/guitarist Buddy Dameron has this interesting southern tinge to his clean singing that spices up that soup, and I hope DOAG plays this song live because I?m sure this one right here is the ruckus.  They?ve also got some more melodic songs off of Life Right Now such as ?If Hearts Could Talk?.  This one is a jam, the guitar counterplay is very inviting, and DOAG pours all of their emotion into ?If Hearts Could Talk? as the band tells you about ?Life Right Now?.

The rest of the album honestly is pretty much one in the same, but I?m not complaining that it repeats itself…  I?m getting into it!  You should give these guys a shot, too.  DOAG has something cool going on, and if you?re looking for some new up-and-comers in this ocean full of bands (both good and moreso, bad), get some of your better bait, and catch some DOAG.  They?ve got a tour coming up with Affiance and Everyone Dies In Utah, so go see them live and buy a shirt if they come near you.

Deception Of A Ghost - Life Right Now (2012)

Rating: 7/10
Label: Bullet Tooth

By Alex Gilbert

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