Ozzfest Vets Twisted Method REUNITE (Video)

All hail the Twisted Method goat pants. That’s right – those Florida rap-metallers are back. Twisted Method took back to the stage for the first time in over 8 years. They were, however, without guitarist Andy Howard who sadly was found dead at the tender age of 23 back in 2005.

Twisted Method lineup:

  • Tripp Tribbett -vocals
  • Derek DeSantis – bass
  • Tony Elchert – drums
  • Virus – guitar (from Dope)

You may well remember Tripp Tribbett from that VH1 show Daisy of Love. He also played guitar in Dope for a hot minute, as well as started his own band called Makeshift Romeo some time ago.

Here’s some video!

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