Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2013 Band Rumors

The official lineup for the 2013 Rockstar Mayhem Festival is here! After weeks of Mayhem Festival rumors and speculation, Rob Zombie will headline the biggest heavy music festival tour of the 2013 summer. Official Mayhem Festival tour dates were released back in January. As we hit March, looks like we were spot on (once again), with our rumor speculation!

Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2013 Bands and Lineup

Mayhem Festival 2013 will, for the first time, feature four stages – The Rockstar Energy Drink Main Stage, The Jagermeister Stage, Musicians Institute Stage and the Sumerian/Headbang For The Highway Concourse Stage which will feature local bands performing and announced in June

The Rockstar Mayhem Festival kicks off on June 29th in San Bernardino and runs through August 4th with tickets on sale beginning this Friday March 22nd at 12:00 noon local time via or through $20 tickets will be available again.

Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2013 Bands and Lineup

  • Rob Zombie
  • Five Finger Death Punch
  • Mastodon
  • Amon Amarth
  • Machine Head
  • Children Of Bodom
  • Job For A Cowboy
  • Butcher Babies
  • Battlecross
  • Huntress
  • Behemoth
  • Emmure
  • Born Of Osiris
  • Motionless In White
  • Thrown Into Exile
  • City Of The Sea

For rumors, that were built up over the course of 2013, please see below…

We’ve caught wind of some interesting first band rumors surrounding next year’s Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2013 rumors. Not only will the Rockstar Mayhem Festival maintain its current format and build on the continued success of years past (after breaking attendance records in 2012!) but there’s a chance more bands could be added to the lineup. Check out the latest up-to-date Mayhem Festival rumor mill below…

Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2013

The official Mayhem Festival 2013 lineup will be released March 18, 2013.

Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2013 Bands

  • Lamb Of God
  • Megadeth
  • Hatebreed
  • Miss May I
  • Motionless In White
  • Cannibal Corpse
  • Chelsea Grin
  • Children Of Bodom
  • Devin Townsend Project

January Update

Late January Update

  • Sevendust
  • All That Remains

February Update

  • Lamb Of God are unlikely due to pending court proceedings for Randy Blythe.
  • Randy Blythe‘s manslaughter trial seemed to complicate things, despite him being set free!

March Update

As of March 3, 2013

  • Rob Zombie
  • Five Finger Death Punch
  • Mastodon
  • Amon Amarth
  • Children of Bodom
  • Behemoth
  • Emmure
  • Born of Osiris
  • Motionless in White
  • Thrown In To Exhile
  • Machine Head
  • Job For A Cowboy
  • Butcher Babies
  • Battlecross
  • Huntress
  • City In The Sea

Warped Tour 2013 Bands

The following artists are already ‘spoken for’ by way of summer touring…

  • Warped Tour: Latest Additions (as of February 9)
  • Bring Me The Horizon
  • The Black Dahlia Murder
  • Oh, Sleeper
  • Memphis May Fire
  • Like Moths To Flames
  • blessthefall
  • August Burns Red

It’s expected that a few more of the more popular metal crossover acts will join the bill this year, adding a different edge to the classicly heavy Mayhem Festival billing.


  1. Smammered says:

    Well this looks like it will suck as usual.

  2. ferbicus says:

    Why must this festival always insist on booking the most predictable, outdated bands possible? Get some fresh blood in there that people maybe haven’t had a chance to see live or heard of yet. Why not book bands like The Sword, Assjack, The Damned Things, the Melvins, Pentagram, Baroness, The Cancer Bats, Down, Kill Devil Hill, Alice In Chains, Every Time I Die, Crowbar, COC, Clutch, The Deftones, Queens of the Stone Age, Sleep, Kyng, Metallica, Doomriders. I mean any of these bands would be an upgrade to the shit you’re booking now. I commended this festival for having Motorhead, Slayer and Anthrax last year, that was awesome. But this year seems to be like the same old shit. Come on Rockstar, get your heads out of your asses and book some real bands.

    • ALLLLLL says:

      You say you dont want predictable outdated bands but you commend them for having motorhead slayer and anthrax? And suggest Metallica? I would go to this as it is

    • Tegra666 says:

      Queens of Stone Age? Fag!

    • christian says:

      because all these new bands are fucking shit!!!! they suck because they look like retarded emo kids that were raped as kids and no they have to cry on stage about their experience and think they are “singing” or “screaming”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hell yes your right

      • Anonymous says:

        Justin Bieber bitch. quit dissin’ upon metal, if you don’t like it dont fucking listen to it, dumbfuck.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dude stfu seriously. ‘Emo’ kids HAAHAH emo means emotional you dumbfuck, quit talking shit. If you don’t like their music? don’t listen to it. METAL IS METAL.

    • rheafritz says:

      Aha, probably because those are the bands that not many know about or listen to, let alone like. Why would they book bands that suck ? Come on now.

    • Anonymous says:

      dude the Mayhem Festival is about metal, not old metal. Quit your bitchin’ upon new death metal bands like Chelsea Grin and Lamb Of God, if you dont like the line up dont go, but reading comments about you complaining really pisses people off. Yes its badass thay they had Motorhead, Anthrax and Slayer last year, but its downright brutal to have those three along with some of todays top deathcore bands like Whitechapel and Upon A Burning Body. I think Mayhem Fest should keep doing what theyre doing cause so far every year theyve had new and old school metal wich appeals to alot more people than just old school that alot of the newer generations are not into.

      • sweet tapdancing jesus says:

        lamb of god- dope
        cannibal corpse- dope
        annotations of an autopsy- would be fucking dope
        jfac- would be dope
        hatebreed- overplayed
        children of bodom- dope
        rob zombie- fairy

      • unit30g says:

        did you just say that Chelsea Grin and Lamb of god are death metal…..

    • Vikem says:

      Not only did you just name bands that I personally have seen in the last year and would refuse to pay for again but you should be ashamed for disrespecting the bands that created and made metal. Next thing, you’ll be bitching about Pantera or Ozzy. Go screw dude. My butt will be 9 months pregnant that month and will still be at the concert, especially with history creating bands like the line up they have. Sounds like you need to be going to Warped Tour and not Mayhem Fest.

    • mainstreamjoe says:

      the reason the will never put any of your posed bands is because they all suck anal fluid!! You little ass be honker!!

    • Metulboy16 says:

      Yea, um slayer and Motorhead sucked, my friend. Yes, I was glad to have witnessed them but I think 20 years ago would’ve been better. Anthrax put on an aswesome show, I’ll give ya that. And I’d like to see Crowbar, but you have to keep in mind that this festival is still very young and they need to attract many more attendees before they become the next Ozzfest and book smaller bands such as Crowbar. Lamb of God and Hatebreed are great fucking bands and they put on a waaaayyy better showthan most of the bands you have mentioned

    • Paige says:

      I really would like to see some good bands play this year I feel the past couple years have been alright but nothing special.. Slayer every other year and megadeth no offense are a little over done the past couple years. Don’t get me wrong I love slayer and megadeth is alright but I’d like different bands for once a kick ass lineup. I wanna see fuckin avenged sevenfold, korn, five finger death punch, deftones, limp bizkit, system of a down, Alicia in chains, mudvayne, pantera, saliva, static-x, halestorm, even Marilyn Manson again he puts on a badass fuckin show. Mayhem needs to show the pussies listening to Taylor swift what they are fucking missing! And Metallica will no be at mayhem because they don’t allow moshing.

    • Marco says:

      Well said!

    • Alex says:

      Children Of bodom seems like the only good band on the lineup this year…..only one out of like what 10-15 bands? thats a failing grade in my book lol

  3. Derick says:

    wow, ferbicus…. you suck ass. I’m pretty sure i hate you alread. fuck miss may i and motionless in white, but otherwise, do you read what you write?

  4. Lamb of God,Megadeth,Hatebreed and Cannibal Corpse is all I needed to see!!!! LoG4LIFE!!!! PURE AMERICAN METAL!!!!!! AT THE PURE AMERICAN METAL FESTIVAL!!!!!

  5. Tom Araya says:

    Cinderella will be on the main stage this year!

  6. WK says:

    According to it looks like Rob Zombie & 5FDP will headline.

  7. tt says:


  8. Joao Barretto says:

    2012 was a great one, let\’s do the same in 2013 !!!!

  9. Stephen King says:

    Metallica will never be on this tour… They\’ve fucked themselves on the metal scene… Get over it, they now suck…. And slipknot was horrible, i was looking forward to seeing them, it was disrespectful to have them headline over the other guys… Made the bass player play backstage…Guitar solos going on while nobody was playing guitar… Slipknot is fucking horrible, i have no idea what the hype is with them…. Corey Taylor is a punk…If anything they shouldve opened the show… On the second stage

    • mainstreamjoe says:

      you’re something awesome. lol. slipknot is the over rated band the blew up when i was back in high school. slayer was by far the best performance this year!!

  10. mainstreamjoe says:

    I’ve found some rumored to be confirmed acts. Behemoth’s Orion has stated in an interview that they will be on mayhem fest 2013 or will at least be trying to.. While at a Sylosis concert talking with the band they said they we’re playing mayhem but then changed their answer into a maybe. Hatebreed was heavily rumored but have since released that they will not be touring the US during the summer. Lamb of God was confirmed for mayhem but that is now unofficial because of Randy Blythe’s legal issues in Czech. Then there is the Rob Zombie, Deftones, and In This Moment rumor. The only confirmed thing about these three bands are that they will be touring TOGETHER this summer on a big festival tour. We don’t know if this is mayhem, uproar, or what yet. It seems most likely to be mayhem but in my own opinion I say the Deftones don’t fit the mayhem criteria and better fit uproar. I hope this helps how ever few people actually read through the comments. All of this should be taken as rumors, I’ve only searched around online. Just wanted to share what i’ve found.

  11. Anonymous says:

    They need to have “Mayhem” at the “Mayhem Festival”! They need to have Carpathian Forest and Godseed, and not all of this emo poser bad excuse for music shit all of the time. Slipknot needs to fucking…fuck off!!!

  12. Brandon Lope says:

    Id say mainstage Soulfly, DevilDriver, Deftones, Gojira…atleast for starters…then second and third stages…Cannibal Corpse, Born of Osiris, Winds of Plague, As Blood Runs Black, Emmure, Resist The Thought, After The Burial…This mayhem tour has been sort of a disappointment the past few years with soft ass almost mainstream kid shit…how bout we toughen up this year…it wouldn’t be a bad idea Haha

  13. Brandon Lope says:

    Sepultura AND OR SOULFLY..even FEAR FACTORY for God sakes

  14. dannyrhd71 says:


  15. smamm111 says:

    cmon Periphery, dont leave me hangin…

  16. John Johnson says:

    Yea they definetly need some different bands on the bill for starters Goijira , Meshuggah , Hellyeah , maybe Machinehead and Lamb of god would be good I kno lamb has played mayhem before not sure about Machinehead tho . They just need to bring some new bands that haven’t played the festival a bunch of times already . People don’t want to see the same bands over and over again , well I know I don’t anyway .

  17. WK says:

    Rob Zombie
    Killswitch Engage
    Children Of Bodom
    In This Moment
    Amon Amarth
    Job For A Cowboy is the line up from

    He also has the leaked tour dates

  18. VALKYRIA says:

    oh gods please

  19. Anonymous says:

    When Would You Be Able To Buy Tickets?

  20. kill says:

    Can we all get a bong and just listen / enjoy some fucking metal fuck the genre / age of the band , If you want underground metal go to your local hole in the wall , If you want ( mainstream) your local arena has you covered mayhem is mayhem

  21. ][V][egadeth][-][ says:

    That list with Amon Amarth is probably fake, considering it has Deftones listed after Zombie, which would never happen. Zombie isn’t nearly as successful as Deftones and would never headline over them. They’re not even big enough to co-headline with Deftones. And from the looks of things, if this current list is the actual set list, that would obviously mean that Megadeth is headlining this. Since by far, they are the biggest band on that list bar none. Which would utterly please me to no end, sick of seeing Megadeth on Co-Headlining tours. They’re bigger than Slayer, Rob Zombie, Deftones, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, and Godsmack, but they always seem to Co-Headline instead of Headline. I want to see their name in BIG BOLD LETTERS like Metallica’s always is.

  22. WK says:

    Now he ( ) is saying it will have Zombie, FFDP, LoG, Mastodon, Machine Head, Bodom, In This Moment, Amon Amarth, Behemoth, JFAC, Huntress, Emmure, Battlecross and MIW on it.

  23. mike says:

    Please do not bring Hatebreed. They don’t deserve to b there. I will be in CT where I’m from in the Hatebreed pit moshing the crap out of any Hatebreed fans. Please bring back Slipknot

  24. anthony says:

    Born of Osiris
    Rings of saturn
    Waking the cadaver
    After the Burial
    The Faceless
    All That Remains
    The Browning
    We Butter The Bread With Butter (PLEASE Contact wbtbwb and get them on the tour) (PLEASE)

  25. Anonymous says:

    Quit bitchin’ everyone. The lineup hasn’t even been announced yet. Lmao, dumbasses. Getting mad over NOTHING.

  26. Ash says:

    A band member told me that the following bands will be there:

    Rob Zombie
    Five Finger Death Punch
    Machine Head
    In This Moment

    Looks like was right with at least some of the bands he has predicted.

  27. WhenwillUalllearn says:

    Okay, the amount of sheer ignorance with these comments is pretty staggering…

    First off, yeah, it would be great if bands like Clutch, COC, Down, etc could be on the Mayhem bill. But what I want you all to know is that there’s a SHITLOAD of other factors involved in making this show what it is…first off, availability…these types of shows are set up WAY in advance…in fact, i wouldn’t be surprised if they had this tour ready to go a while back. So if a band like Killswitch Engage or DOWN are committed to summer european festivals or European tours this summer, then yeah they can’t make be on this tour. The next reason is money. Doing a tour like this is STUPID expensive! So you have to make sure that the record label you’re a part of actually HAS the money to make this possible or even worthwhile.Some labels do and some don’t.

    So if the leaked line up is true, then it’s actually not a bad line up at all. It’s got enough big name power to pull in the rock radio people (which you just need to fill seats/buy tix) and it’s got enough underground metal to bring in the TRUE fans. So yeah, you have Zombie and Five Finger DP which are played on the radio in most places but then you have Machine, Behemoth and Job for a Cowboy who aren’t. You also have way NEWER bands like the Butcher Babies and Huntress who need to break open to new audiences.

    So yeah it’d be nice to see Clutch (one of my all time faves) on there or Down (another fave), ya gotta just realize that some of these bands made prior commitments or might be recording or might just not be able to afford to go on Mayhem this time around. Whatever the case, go out there and support Metal! Buy shirts, buy merch and mosh your fucking face off. Who cares about if it’s Zombie or not, Deftones or not??! Just go and have a blast with your friends and 25000 other metal heads! Who knows? You might see someone you weren’t expecting to be great that totally blows your mind!

    And by the way, whoever said that Deftones is bigger than Rob Zombie has NO IDEA what they’re talking a bout. Zombie has sold WAY more records than the Deftones. He plays arenas where the Deftones can only play 2500-3500 capacity shows. Not only that but Zombie has a stage show that can’t usually be followed by other bands because of the size of its production. So yeah, deftones OVER zombie?! Yeah, not gonna happen.