Lamb of God – Chris Adler (drums)

SMNnewsChris Fox had the chance to sit down with Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler, who have had quite the year of turbulence. From a new album to experiencing the temporary loss of their frontman due to incarceration. So. What does Chris Adler make of it all?

 As the tides turn, bands come and go. Scenes change, but occasionally there is a band that manages to beat the odds and attract massive crowds with an abrasive brand of music. Enter LAMB OF GOD. With a fair share of hardships behind them, and a great deal more potentially ahead, these juggernauts of the metal scene are still managing to play brutal shows.

LAMB OF GOD is self-described as ?simply put, modern heavy metal,? according to drummer Chris Adler. The quintet?s unmistakable sound has helped to set a new standard for metal for the current generation by combining their past influences with a continuously growing repertoire. Adler explains, ?We try to combine as many different styles as we can to create something that is relevant today?s listeners. We came along at a pretty special moment when a new generation was kind of catching on to heavy music.?

As with any band worth their salt, LAMB OF GOD has changed over their twenty plus years playing music. When they started ?everybody in the band was just trying to show off. Over time we?ve really matured and grown into the process of song writing. Which we?ve gotten better at with time, and hopefully we?ll continue to get better at,? says Adler.

?[The] biggest difference was that we went into Wrath [2009] with the specific purpose of making a fast punch-in-the-face front to back metal record.? According to Adler, as the band emerged from Sacrament [2006] they felt as though they had gone a bit overboard in the studio. Fine-tuning an album is essential, but they were more selective with Wrath. With their latest release, Resolution [2012], ?We looked back at all of our records, and we realized that we had experimented and gone in different directions. We kept evolving, but didn?t have one defining, rallying point,? explains Adler. The band has really come into its own method of writing and overall sound as they have evolved over seven albums. Adler continues, ?[With Resolution] we were able to finally expand on ideas that we had had before that, maybe, didn?t fit with the precise goal of what we were going for on any given album. Resolution shows what we?ve done in the past, but it allowed us to experiment and go in an even newer direction. It has always been the five of us in a room arguing over which riff is going to come better after this riff.?

Their music has developed and evolved, but their fan base has only grown. ?I think along the way we built up a very grassroots audience because of the way we were doing it,? Adler says about playing with veracity, ?We write music that we want to write ? because of that it took much longer for us to turn around a successful product, but it was worth the 10 years of losing money to be able to do it with integrity.?

The recently publicized incarceration of their singer, Randy Blythe, hasn?t taken a toll on the band. ?It was pretty terrifying. We?re in another country, and who knows what?s going to happen to him if they take him out of this room,? explains Adler. Blythe was held for over a month in a Czech prison on charges associating him with the death of a fan in the country back in 2010.

The band had to instantly cancel their summer tour dates, and writhed over the unknown about their band mate. The idea that this is how the quintet makes a living is often forgotten in the media storm. As the concerns grew about Blythe?s confinement, the group?s concern grew about their band mate as well as the future of LAMB OF GOD. Adler says, ?There?s the point where I thought, hey we?re 40 years old, and Randy is in a European jail for manslaughter. Who knows if and when he gets out, if he?s going to want to continue? You know, is this a wake-up call? Are we done??

?Then we heard from him saying that regardless of what happened, the day he got out he wanted to get back up on stage and play,? says Adler. Blythe is currently out on bail, but plans to return for his hearing early next year.

As the band reestablishes their gusto, they are touring the country with a rejuvenated ambition. The future is veiled for Blythe as the pending charges will be handled this coming January, but in the meantime their shows are sure to be as crazy and intense as ever.

By Chris Fox

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