All That Remains Debuting New Music, ‘You Can’t Fill My Shadow’

All That Remains‘ lyric video for their brand new song “You Can’t Fill My Shadow” from their upcoming album A War You Cannot Win can be found below. A War You Cannot Win is out November 6.

A War You Cannot Win

1. Down Through The Ages
2. You Can’t Fill My Shadow
3. Stand Up
4. A Call To All Non-Believers
5. Asking Too Much
6. Intro
7. Just Moments In Time
8. What If I Was Nothing
9. Sing For Liberty
10. Not Fading
11. Calculating Loneliness
12. A War You Cannot Win

Previous All That Remains song releases from A War You Cannot Win have been castigated for being ‘too soft’. Judge for yourself.

You Can’t Fill My Shadow – All That Remains

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