RWAKE Premiere Controversial Music Video

RWAKE have premiered their disturbingly controversial new video for ?It Was Beautiful, But Now It?s Sour?. The 12 minute short film, directed Danish horror aficionado Casper Haugegaard, features devastating slow motion close-ups of actual pig fetuses being absolutely annihilated by a variety of implements.  So – NSFW.

RWAKE frontman C.T. commented on the video:

?Casper came to us about a year ago with this idea.  He said he had ?certain? subject matter he knew he had to film and that it would fit to our music perfectly.  He probably knew no other band in its right mind who would agree to this footage and believe me the original test shootings he sent were way sicker.  This fits Rwake perfectly and we are honored to have such an artist like this think of us in the way that it inspires him to make such a beautifully, disturbing short film accompanied to our music.?

RWAKE released Rest, their first album in over four years, last year – it is still available for streaming here.

One Comment

  1. Gilbert says:

    The Rwake video is not that controversial. My band, the Fence Fricks, we did a video where I sucked the shit out of a goat’s asshole, spit it into a whore’s mouth (we dosed her up on heroin first), and then she puked it up on an old lady taking her dog for a walk. Then we killed a dog and ate it. It’s all on the video….check it out!