Sylosis – Josh Middleton (Vocals/Guitar)

Personally, we here love Sylosis. Have you not heard of Sylosis the metal band before? We’ve been blasting them since their debut release, and are happy to see the natural progression for the band take place. Turns out they have an amazing new album coming out as well. Well, it’s out now in fact. Check out our fantastic interview with Josh Middleton of Sylosis below.


Berkshire is often associated with posh accents and long walks in the park. How an earth did Sylosis spawn out of such a  area of England?


Haha I think you have it mistaken for somewhere else. Berkshire is not known for posh accents or walks in the park. It’s known for people like us and Ricky Gervais. Where I live is called Cemetry Junction (the name of one of his movies actually) which isn’t too great. It’s not exactly South Central but someone did get shot down the end of my road a while back.


After slagging of Berkshire, it should be said that Reading proper is often associated with a rubbish football team and that massive windmill thing off the M4. As a band, are you still located there?


Yeah all of us except Carl still live in Reading. He lives in Windsor?which is known for posh accents as the queen has a castle there but he’s Reading born and bred


There?s a reason I?m asking about all this, simply because, I?m curious as to how Nuclear Blast first picked you up back in 2007! From the relatively uknown to the biggest metal label in Europe. Fascinating stuff. Please explain the back-story there.


We were a band since 2000 (just 14/15 year old kids at the time) and ended up releasing two Eps (originally recorded as demos) in 2006 and 2007. On tour in 2007 we randomly got an email from them saying they came across our myspace page and wanted to work with us. So after a few months we signed and we’re still very happy to be with them. It’s a great label.


While Conclusion Of An Age was something of a breakthrough in Europe, Monolith has to be something of the same in the US this year. Do you share that same point of view?


It’s hard to know how it’s going down in America at the moment but I guess with this Lamb of God tour it’s really helping us get more exposure, even before the tour has started. In a way I’m glad because this is the best album we’ve done and the best representation of us as a band so in some ways it’s cool we didn’t break through sooner.


A massive multi-week tour with Lamb Of God beckons and the end of the month. This will be your first major US trek. May be construed as something of a stupid question, but ? are you ready?


We toured for a month at the same time last year with As I Lay Dying so we know what we’re in for now. We know what to expect and what to be prepared for. Our main concern was eating healthy this time around haha


Before we continue, I should also ask?what does Sylosis mean and stand for?


It’s just a dumb made up word. Like I mentioned earlier, we were really young when we started and just never changed the name.


At the time of writing, Monolith is out! They often say the second album is the hardest, but as this is your third, did it get harder to write and conceptualize?


Not really, in fact it was the opposite. We began writing months before Edge of the Earth was released (but it had been recorded) and the creativity was really flowing. We were so stoked with the new material we just wanted to get it out as soon as possible.


Is there any story follow on from Edge Of The Earth?


Not really. It is a concept album but nothing follows on.


Acknowledging the concept-album styling and components of Greek mythology that you touch on, what does the album art say about Monolith? What does it depict?


The album is a really over the top concept. It’s about an agoraphobic woman who fears death and the devil who is eventually pulled down into hell or hades. Her husband then tries to bring her back from the dead or the underworld. It borrows ideas from Orpheus and Eurydice but it’s not exactly about that. It depicts this woman but on one side she has a goat skull in place of her face to show the devil in disguise


Monnow Valley Studios. Quality. It?s been home to some legendary acts. Give us some insight into a day in the life of Sylosis when you were pitched up at the residential studios?


It wasn’t anything too interesting or out of the ordinary. Wake up, make some breakfast, at about 11 start tracking, break for some lunch around 2, tracking until about 8 or 9, hang out and watch some movies or tv then go to bed.


You picked Romesh Dodangoda to produce Monolith ? how much of an impact did he have as compared to Scott Atkins, who did your previous two major releases?


As a producer he has an impact of the way things sound or sets the standard in terms of the level of playing. We wanted it to be really raw and not to overplay anything to much and just get everything down with as much feel as possible


Do you have a favourite track on the new album?


Probably Out From Below, the opening track. It encompasses everything we’re about and sets the tone for the rest of the album


How many songs from Monlith will make it into the new set?


No idea really. At this point we’ve just been playing 3 but eventually we’ll hopefully play all of these songs at some point down the line. Too hard to say at this point especially seeing as we won’t be doing any headline shows for a while.


You?ve stated that is was a ?no brainer? to swap over vocals after the departure of Jamie, but it considerably slowed down the recording process for Edge of the Earth. The end result was a darker, more technical, progressive album. How do you feel Monolith differs to the underlying themes and tones to your last effort?


The line up change had nothing to do with that recording process being delayed. Scott’s schedule was hectic and we ran over recording the other instruments. The main delay was mixing the album at the artwork. Monolith is just far darker and more focused than anything we’ve done before. It has a more sinister or eerie feel with more doom influences.


Oh. Whose idea was it to release a live album so early on in your career?


We haven’t released a live album yet and don’t plan to. The only thing I can think of was a recording of a show we did at a festival that got pressed onto like 50 CDs. It was never released anywhere though. It sounded awful, it’s nothing official.


If you were to describe Sylosis in five words or less, how would you do so?


Epic, doomy, progressive thrash metal


Everyone loves to pigeonhole bands in genres ? so what is yours!


Progressive thrash metal. We definitely aren’t metal core or melodic death metal. Those are two genres we don’t have any influence from. We have lots of thrash riffs and melody but that doesn’t equal melo-death etc


Who is the chief riff-master behind what we hear on these Sylosis records?

I guess that would be me. I spend all day every day writing as much music as possible. It does help I guess yeah but most of the writing is done away from the rehearsal space.


You kick 2013 off with a headlining tour of the UK and Soundwave soon after that. What can we expect from Sylosis from January onwards?


We don’t have any other plans as of yet but I guess we’ll need to get back to mainland Europe as soon as possible and hopefully the states again and Japan.


It will likely be hard to top a bill featuring In Flames and Lamb of God, but who do you feel would be the best tourmates for Sylosis?


Lamb of God probably are the most suitable band for us so we’re thrilled but other than them Mastodon, Gojira and if we’re being unrealistic, Metallica haha



Some quickfire questions?

Nandos or Pizza?

…errmm I guess decent vegan pizza

Cheryl Cole or Pippa Middleton?

Cheryl Cole, easily

X-Factor or Britain?s Got Talent?

Jeeze, neither?.BGT though as it’s not got as many dickheads on it

One attribute about the band that you could change?

Make Bailey shorter.

Best band you?ve toured with?

Black Dahlia Murder and As I Lay Dying

Worst band you?ve toured with?

Won’t say

Best unknown UK metal band that we should all know about?


Favourite venue to play?

Koko in London

Favorite beer?


Any final words?

Buy our new album Monolith! Thanks for the support


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