A Beary Scary Movie feat. iwrestledabearonce

Iwrestledabearonce are featuring in their debut motion picture, titled A Beary Scary Movie. Intro’d by Clown of Slipknot, you can watch the preview right below. A Beary Scary Movie is slated for release on November 6, 2012.

The film also features an impressive cast including M. Shawn Clown Crahan, Larry Parks, John Dillion, Phillip Wright, Jim Babel, Charlie Huffman and Kelly Keodara, with a special appearance by Jake Busey.

More info at http://www.iwrestledabearonce.com, but in the interim, catch Iwrestledabearonce on tour with Vanna and others.

A Beary Scary Movie


  1. Ryan Calafetti says:

    i need to go see this fucking movie. i love this fucking band so much.