Auroch’s “Slaves To A Flame Undying” (EXCLUSIVE MP3 Stream)

SMNnews is pleased to present an exclusive stream of Auroch‘s second single, “Slaves To A Flame Undying” from From Forgotten Worlds. The Vancouver underground metal band recently wrapped up a summer tour across Canada and are gearing for release of From Forgotten Worlds on August 28. Give them love over at and listen to the MP3 stream of “Slaves To A Flame Undying” below.

Auroch | From Forgotten Worlds

1. From Forgotten Worlds
2. Fleshless Ascension (Paths of Dawn)
3. Slaves To A Flame Undying
4. Dregs Of Sanity
5. Talisman For Total Temporal Collapse
6. Terra Akeldama
7. Bloodborne Conspiracy
8. Tundra Moon

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