Bermuda – The Wandering

Every so often, no matter what genre of music it is, you?ll run across a band that you know right from the get-go that they mean business.  BERMUDA just did that to me upon pressing play of their latest Mediaskare Records release, The Wandering.  Musically, picture a mix of Continent-era The Acacia Strain, some Meshuggah, and some Ion Dissonance.  BERMUDA is brutal as hell, and has enough progressive/tech/djent elements that will make Born Of Osiris and Despised Icon fans take a glance.  And while BERMUDA?s formula isn?t anything original by any means, it?s the authority that these guys put into their assault that will keep you coming back for more.

The beginning set of songs ?Intuitions? and ?Process Of Drowning? mix some razor sharp riffs, some djenty lows, and a monstrous guitar tone that packs as much punch as Mayweather.  ?Process Of Drowning? has this creepy atmosphere backing all the brutality, and right away both Meshuggah and Continent-era The Acacia Strain come to mind.  BERMUDA does mix it up with some great dissonant chord progressions, and they do a great job of building this song up heavier and heavier.  Other big time bangers like ?In Trenches? are all about the groove, which the song also has the help of Kevin McCaughy from Ion Dissonance, who adds even more gutterals and vocal ruckus.  Matter of fact, the song does sound very much like one of Ion Dissonance?s more mid-tempo/punchier songs.  With the intro alone, ?In Trenches? is easily the most memorable song off of The Wandering.  Solid song right here ? my favorite off of The Wandering.  Towards the end of The Wandering you?ll run into ?Polaris Breach?.  The song is equipped with some beastly jump riffs, some excellent off tempo chugging, and the song buildup will keep your ears peeled.  ?Polaris Breach? is a side of BERMUDA I?d love to see more of.

If you?re in the mood to check out a heavy, heavy release, I would suggest giving The Wandering a shot.  I hope these guys keep on keeping on, because BERMUDA is surely one of the better modern deathcore bands of today.










Rating: 8 / 10
Label: Mediaskare Records

By Alex Gilbert

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