VIDEO of Randy Blythe’s Alleged Manslaughter

Video footage of Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe‘s incident in Czech Republic from May 2010 has been caught on camera. It shows the alleged back/forth between the singer and the individual who died of his injuries as a result of what was captured on video.

Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe was arrested on manslaughter charges late last week but won?t be released from jail for at least another week, due to a delay in his bail money arriving from the US (~$200,000).

Said Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo on the incident:

?I can only make a presumption of what happened, but a kid jumps onstage, he accidentally pushes him off in the wrong way, hits his head, dies on the way to the hospital. Now if that?s what happened, I don?t know. But you?ve got to be gentle with these kids. You can?t just push them offstage. We?re talking five feet, sometimes six feet off the ground. That?s a hard fall and if he?s going up against a guardrail or something, you never know what he hit on his way down, I just don?t know what to say, but I see it happening.?

What do you make of it all?

VIDEO: Randy Blythe’s Alleged Manslaughter


  1. Carlos says:

    I have been going to shows for probably longer than that kid was alive, his death is unfortunate and regrettable. The parents, which I am assuming are the ones pressing charges are unjustified in doing so. It was an accident and should just serve as a reminder of what is and is not reckless behavior at a show. I know the family is grieving but Randy has a family and doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment I am sure he is taken aback by the incident already. Let us assume Randy throw the kid of stage, are we forgetting that a guy jumped on stage and killed Dimebag? You can’t be too careful with some of the fans, they be unstable. Are there any toxicology reports? I am sure that would play a role in a persons untimely death on the way to the hospital.

  2. stu says:

    good call on the dimebag thing. this is crazy.

  3. Mike says:

    If you watch the video @ 17 seconds you can see that the seccurity launched the kid and Randy barely touched him. They also didnt throw him toward the floor to hurt him in anyway.

  4. VINNIE Doke says:

    This is a tragic accident. It also is a very similar story of the Dimbag incident. Randy appears to barely even touch this person. It looks as if he launched himself into the crowd. Also the security person had more to do with this person going off the stage. Lastly, isn’t it againest the law to jump on stage, then do a stage dive, as it appears on the video.

    • andy says:

      Against the law… They were out of the country, you would have to look at Czech Republic law.

  5. Jon cowboy says:

    Looked normal to me. I saw nothing that manslaughter charges should be brought up. Alletal fans no enter at your own risk. Accidents happen, I don’t know what that was, it looked like the kid shood have landed on people or on his feet. Security if anyone shood be charged, not Randy.

  6. Daniel says:

    It’s also obvious that this kid was sprinting across the stage and was preempting to leap off it. If you look at this video from a forensics and physics point of view; a solid 90% of this kids own enertia, (caused by running) is what launched him from the stage.

  7. Erica says:

    The security had 2 hands on the kid…..If security was doing their job the right way this would not have happened. The venue should be at fault

  8. Andy says:

    Listen, he threw a man off of a stage, and he died. He’s fuckin lucky those crazy Czech’s aren’t pressing murder. But I wouldn’t be surprized if he was found guilty