Hollywood Undead Assault Former Frontman Deuce

Oh the hilarity. Hollywood Undead, who have members with nicknames like ‘Funnyman‘ and ‘J-Dog’, reportedly lay in wait for their former lead singer (‘Deuce‘) after a show in Los Angeles. Full story below.

By the way, this is what Deuce looks and sounds like. Masks are cool, right?

Hollywood Undead vs. Deuce

A popular band [Hollywood Undead] was none too pleased when the lead singer quit, and they acted out their anger by beating the crap out of him — according to allegations made in a police report.

Aron “Deuce” Erlichman was the lead singer of Hollywood Undead, a popular rap/rock band.  Deuce decided to quit the band a year and a half ago to launch a solo career. Deuce recently released his debut solo album Nine Lives (April 24, 2012) and claims he has been a target of the former band member’s anger and threats. 

On May 25, Deuce performed at Angels & Kings — a Hollywood hotspot.  After his gig, Deuce left the club and claims his former Hollywood Undead bandmates were “lying in wait.” Deuce claims when they spotted him, they jumped him and went to town — punching, kicking and stomping on him. Deuce says a friend of his was injured as well while trying to defend him.Deuce says he was badly hurt and went to cops, alleging former bandmates Dylan “FunnyMan” Alvarez and Jorel “J-Dog” Decker were the primary culprits. Deuce also told cops the two dudes had someone videotape the attack — which he believes means the attack was premeditated.  

Now, Deuce plans to sue — and has already hired legal pitbull Donald Karpel.

Cops are investigating. So far, no comment from FunnyMan or J-Dog.


  1. Anonymous says:

    if all of them can get the shit kicked out of them that would be fine. Fucking retarded music.

  2. Umm sorry but deuce wasn’t the lead singer of the band he just did the Vocal you know as a back up singer just saying ^_^ sorry for what happen to you deice get better

    • Jeremy says:

      Umm yes he was the lead singer, especially since he started the band hahaha

      • Kelly says:

        Yeah but it was started by j-dog and deuce and j-dog the lead singer in a interview deuce said he just guitar and sang backup =/ just saying…

      • Kelly says:

        But you know whatever i really don’t care about any of this anymore i’m over it..

        • shawn says:

          lolno J-Dog plays guitar and keybord, and Deuce sings. I am pretty sure Deuce doesn’t play guitar (I am not sure if he knows how or npt, but that is besisdes the point).

          • JimBobMcgee says:

            Deuce was the original guitar player for Hollywood Undead until Charlie Scene replaced him. Charlie Scene talks about it in an article for artistdirect.com from 2008

    • your intenetguide says:

      if you post incorrect fanboy fact your gonna have a bad time just sayn

  3. kytti says:

    this is ridiculous. most likely those two were drunk and shit was said that pissed off everyone. one guy probably took one swing and the other stopped it and deuce is over reacting and exaggerating. i’d be incredibly surprised if this is really true.

  4. hollywoodungay says:


  5. PseudoRush says:

    Just listen to him. He’s a f*cking moron.

  6. Anonymous says:

    deuce sounds like fucking retard

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Jeramie says:

    All u pussies talkin shit dont even have the balls to show ur name, blow me bitches. U probobly listen to justin bieber anyway. 🙂

  9. h says:

    Its like a tard circle jerk in here .

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is,in my BIASED opinion,a publicity stunt done by Deuce to build up on the attention that Deuce has gotten by leaving HU.To me it seems as if HU is over it but Deuce can’t,I also see Deuce is using this as an advantage to gain more publicity because
    Totally respect both though just wish they could reform with Deuce
    @Hollywood Ungay Really?I really don’t see why society has to resort to using sexuality as an insult(Im not gay),let others embrace themselves!