KNOTFEST 2012 Bands and Lineup

Slipknot are launching the first annual, two day, metal event of the year: KNOTFEST 2012…’a happening that will awaken your darkest senses’.

KNOTFEST Bands and Lineup



Friday, August 17 – Council Bluffs, IA @ Mid America Motorplex
Saturday, August 18 – Somerset, WI/Minneapolis, MN @ Somerset Amphitheater


KNOTFEST 2012 Details

Featuring two heavy-hitting stages of hard music, KNOTFEST will create an intoxicating spectacle, as fans descend into a decadent apocalyptic underworld featuring circus big-top tents, pillars of fire, and amusement park rides–including the legendary Ring of Fire carnival ride (Saturday only)–while masked performers, firebreathers and nightmarish stilt-walkers roam the festival grounds. Interactive graffiti walls and a drum circle made of junkyard cars will entertain fans and artists alike in the immersive, dark apocalyptic atmosphere. Upon entering the gates, sinister surprises including a Slipknot museum and powerful, vibrant art installations await around every corner for fans to discover and explore.

KNOTFEST 2012 Tickets

Tickets for KNOTFEST go on-sale Friday, June 8 at 10:00 AM EDT at the festival?s website, Ticketmaster and the box office. GA tickets and a limited number of VIP packages will be available with amenities ranging from early entrance, a shaded VIP bar and lounge with a main stage viewing area (21+ only), VIP catered meals, preferred parking and a meet and greet with Slipknot. To view all ticket and VIP options for both dates, visit:


  1. jeesis says:

    Is this show coming to san Antonio tx??

  2. Roy-Crowe says:

    Are you concidering on brining the tour to England?.

  3. Rushline says:

    Haha u England wankers! We get slipknot and lamb of god put that in ur pipe and smoke it!

    • Baggerz says:

      Ha you american wankers, weve just had download. Metallica, Black sabbath, lamb of god, machine head, tenacious D, megadeth, balck label society, anthrax, fear factory, trivium, saxon, devildriver, slash, killswitch engage, ugly kid joe, terrorvision, soil.

      they wouldnt even fit in your pipe.

  4. stu says:


  5. aw says:

    You guys need to come to California 🙂

  6. Pete says:

    Thanks for thinking of Texas assholes.

  7. smyttie says:

    Why do they say Minnesota Minneapolis, Somerset is in Wisconsin why the wrong advertisement

  8. Nikki says:

    What about all us metal heads in Georgia??

  9. Kai says:

    Are you guys coming to FL??? NY???

  10. gagexkad says:

    holy SHIT come to OKLAHOMA you faggots……. damn

  11. screamocrystal says:

    Fuck yes so excited!!! Best part of the people aruing up there is the fact that they live in a total different country then you xD so unless your going to fly thousands of miles to say shit to there face your both just little notches just saying.

  12. LadyBaphomet says:

    mind you people..slipknot is from ummm iowa. come on girls and boys put two and two together. this is their first festival..they want to be good to their local fans. thankfully I’m from Wisconsin so yay I’ve got tickets for Somerset. =)

  13. B.R. says:

    I live in indian and am making the trip to see them. They are worth it. Just saw them perform last night at mayhem 🙂

  14. dfar says:

    All you bitches complaining about not coming to your town can Fuck off if ur a true fan then make the fuckin trip

  15. bob says:

    really two shows in the middle of nowhere thanks a lot

  16. Me says:

    this doesn’t seem safe

  17. cws says:

    they should have more extras , like a small stage with alternative random acts. give nobodies a chance, as they were once nobodies and needed a break.

  18. dischick says:

    YES! I’m so glad that Slipknot is having their first festival close to their home town. And for me living in southern Minnesota, this is perfect! I’ve got my tickets for Somerset =]
    So to those of you saying “Really? Two shows in the middle of nowhere? Thanks a lot.” Well you can kiss my ass ’cause you’re not going to Knotfest are you?

  19. Anonymous says:

    please come to virginia beach VA!!!

  20. raquel says:

    i hope they do some stuff in California! i saw slipknot at mayhem fest this year and they were SO AWESOME!

  21. can we consider the rest of maybe north america?

  22. Rhianna says:

    Come to Australia!! Why must we miss out on every good concert and all the good bands!! Grrrrr

  23. theIshmael says:

    Oh yeah! I live right down the road from mid America motor-plex. I’m walking there and crawling back. Come to Iowa if you wanna see arguably the greatest band ever. Suck it up and quite crying, nobody feels sorry for you

  24. knothead says:

    I live in fucking ct why are u pussys complaining, I’m buying a fucking plain ticket and not missing this for shit seeing slipknot on their first own tour in Iowa my life is complete.

  25. Groupie says:

    I’m from CT as well, & I’m a little disappointed no rumors of other concert dates either.. CT HARDCORE! Come on Slipknot, didn’t you love us at the Mayhem Fests? Didn’t you love our walls of death and the WHOLE front area being a mosh in front of you, while people from the lawn jumped the fence to join in our awesome pit?

  26. heather says:

    Well we are driving from MICHIGAN 11 hour drive my husband just had surgery but we are true knot heads and if you where you would stop your bitching and make the trip hell the guy from CT made it now that’s fucken far so stop your crying……