WARNING – NSFW: Horrific Miami Cannibal Attack Pictures Online

Reddit and Gawker have managed to get hold of pictures of the horrific Miami cannibal attack, namely the Miami cannibal’s victim…and it does not make pleasant viewing. These images are ‘not safe for work‘ and you need to be 18+ in order to view the pictures found below the fold.

To quote Gawker:

These two really, unbelievably gruesome photos, allegedly of the Miami man whose face was partially eaten off over Memorial Day weekend.

The story, according to the BBC:

A man who was shot dead in Miami at the weekend after he was found biting the face off another naked man has been identified by police.

Rudy Eugene, 31, reportedly growled at a police officer after he was warned to back away.

A witness said the aggressor continued to eat the victim, before the officer opened fire several times, killing him.

The attack next to a busy road on Saturday afternoon has been linked to an LSD-like drug known as “bath salts”.

About 75% of the victim’s face was reportedly missing.

According to a CNN affiliate and the BBC, the drugs involved were a synthetic substance:

Made with the active agent mephedrone, the synthetic substance often causes users to become highly aggressive and experience intense hallucinations.

Mr Aguilar cited four past overdoses in the Miami area where people had also removed their clothes and gone berserk.

“It causes them to go completely insane and become very violent,” he said.


Miami Cannibal Attack Pictures

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