World’s Fastest Drummer Contest 2012

NAMM International announces the twelfth outing to find the ?World?s Fastest Drummer?. This highly charged Interactive Event is a feature at this year?s Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, TN.

The contest, which consists of two categories, Fastest Hands and Fastest Feet, will be held each day on World?s Fastest Drummer Lobby Stage at the Nashville Convention Center starting at 11:00am Thursday, July 12th, with ?heats? continuing through 1:00pm on public day Saturday July 14th.  The top ten Fastest Hands and top ten Fastest Feet will compete in a ?Finals Battle? of both categories held at 2:00 pm, Saturday, July 14th.

George Kollias – From 200bpm to 280bpm


WFD-Extreme Sport Drumming has been a feature on The Warped Tour, Ozzfest and most major networks including ESPN, FOX SPORTS, MTV, VH1, ABC, BBC, PBS and CNN. WFD The Game produced well over 1.5 million plays for MTV?s Addicting Games in it?s first 90 days. WFD is the official ruling and certification organization for Guinness World Records.

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