Iron Maiden – En Vivo!

What can be said about Iron Maiden that hasn?t already been said? The band is relentless in every single way. Formed in 1975, the Steve Harris led troupe continue to celebrate their legacy with timely releases ? this time it comes in the shape of En Vivo!, another brand new Iron Maiden opus.

En Vivo! is a two disc reflection from one of the originators of Heavy Metal as we know it. Iron Maiden have consistently released new product unto the masses for better part of 30 years. They have chronicled their live performances time and time again, so what could make En Vivo! different from any of the previous incarnations? Well, lots.

While disc one may be the obligatory live disc, it still captures 120 minutes of inimitable Iron Maiden madness. Shot live in Santiago, Chile, Iron Maiden is, on paper, the first metal band to play the Estadio Nationale. For two hours witness 50,000 rabid Chileans lap up every note out of every instrument. Using 22 HD cameras and an Octocam, every manic moment is caught on tape. What results is a beautiful, dynamic output that will have you bobbing your head in front of the TV. While the set consists primarily of new music from Maiden?s 2010 release The Final Frontier, the quintessential fan favorites from ?The Trooper? to ?Running Free? are all still there.

The experience of Iron Maiden live is one every metal fan should witness, and if you can?t see them live in person, En Vivo! would be a surefire place to start. For a bunch of guys in their 50s, one might even say that Iron Maiden has not lost a single step.

Disc two contains all the meaty bonus features.  Primarily an 88 minute documentary on exactly how they stage an Iron Maiden concert. It shows how they created Ed Force One, their private 757 that carries band, crew, and equipment around the world, and offers unique insight into how a legendary heavy metal band operates on a day to day basis. There?s ?making of? tidbits and the tour?s entire intro video which plays before Iron Maiden grace the stage.

En Vivo! is one for any diehard ?Ed Heads?. Iron Maiden never fails to include something new and fresh in every release to date and En Vivo! is no different.

En Vivo! Disc 1

1. Satellite 15
2. The Final Frontier
3. El Dorado [Explicit]
4. 2 Minutes To Midnight
5. The Talisman
6. Coming Home
7. Dance Of Death
8. The Trooper
9. The Wicker Man

En Vivo! Disc 2

1. Blood Brothers
2. When The Wild Wind Blows
3. The Evil That Men Do
4. Fear Of The Dark
5. Iron Maiden
6. The Number Of The Beast
7. Hallowed Be Thy Name
8. Running Free

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Label: Universal Music
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  • To watch the full seven-minute version of ?Blood Brothers? from En Vivo! click here.

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