Bereft – Sacha Dunable (guitar, backing vocals)

There is a doom band out there called BEREFT who?s definitely worthy of your attention.  I recently spoke with Sacha Dunable (also the mastermind of Intronaut) about their upcoming album, Leichenhaus, which comes out April 24 via The End Records.  Check it out.

BEREFT crafts some damn good doom metal.  I?m really digging the tunes, and you and Charles [Elliott] make for a great duo, and bring a good amount of variety to the table.  I know both of you gentlemen are busy with about a million other things, but how often do you guys get to riff together to craft some BEREFT tunes?

Lately, it’s been quite often since we’ve been playing some shows around LA.  We probably won’t be getting together as a band again for a while though since Charles is going out on tour with Cannibal Corpse and the Death To All tour.  Although we wrote and recorded the album with just me and Derek Donley for the most part, so we’ll probably do some writing/recording sessions with just a couple members at a time for a while.

The new BEREFT album, Leichenhaus, comes out on April 24 via The End Records.  I?ve been seeing the name BEREFT quite often lately, so it must be cool getting all this quick attention for the band.  How do you feel the overall response has been so far?

To be honest I haven’t seen much, or maybe I haven’t paid much attention.  I didn’t have many expectations for a brutal doom record, but if people like it then that’s great.  I love it, personally.  I suppose with all the members being from other bands, there will be some kind of built in crowd who will check it out by default.

BEREFT?s song ?The Coldest Orchestra? must be a pun intended.  The song is all over the place like an orchesta would be – one second I?m floating in some spacey atmosphere, the next second I?m pounded back to earth with some heavy ass down tempo riffs.  Love the mood swings and transitions you guys have going on.  Leading me to my question, how does the song writing process work for a BEREFT song?  Sounds very organic, yet very natural at the same time.

Well I had demoed all these songs out a few years back, so they were like 50% done like that.  Derek Donley and I refined them a bit and recorded them together, before bringing Derek Rydquist and Charles in to record their parts, so we had a lot of time and freedom (without too many cooks in the kitchen) to space out and make everything just the way we wanted it.

The artwork for Leichenhaus is pretty rad.  Who did it?  

That would be Valnoir Mortasonge from France.  He has done a ton of great album covers that you have probably seen before.  Look him up.

While BEREFT and Intronaut are 2 very different bands, both are similar as they are very unique.  Are there certain times of the day when you?re in the mood to jam some BEREFT, then maybe an hour later some Intronaut, or is your mind constantly on both at once?

Yeah, well it sort of comes in spurts of inspiration for either one, though I would say Intronaut is the project that is always on my mind.  Right now I’m very motivated to write a new Intronaut record, so my mind is on that with those guys.  The Bereft stuff kind of comes out of nowhere every once in a while.

Like I mentioned earlier, all of you guys in BEREFT have other priorities, but I?ve got to ask if there will be a BEREFT tour?  

We are open to playing out, but the timing and circumstances would have to be right.  It wouldn’t be the craziest thing if it did happen.

Here?s a fun and tricky question.  If you could organize a dream tour, who?d be on it?  

Meshuggah, Yes, and The Flaming Lips.

Sacha, thanks for taking the time to do this interview.  Any last words?

Thanks for listening!

By Alex Gilbert


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