Deicide – Steve Asheim (drums) Interview

Look, it’s Deicide drummer Steve Asheim! He’s talking to us on the eve of the SMN exclusive video reveal for the track “Conviction“. Short, sweet, and very Deicide

Steve, it?s 2012, the Mayan prophecy is fast approaching. How has the start to your musical year been thus far?


I don’t think the Mayan prophecies foresaw the coming of To Hell With God, but they sure knew something was gonna happen. I think it’s just a happy coincidence that the two happen so close together. Our new record and the end of the world, that is.


You?re still cruising hard as part of your touring cycle for To Hell With God, and with that comes this beautiful video for ?Conviction? ? it seems like a fairly simple storyline, but in your words, what?s the video and song about?


Yeah they’re both pretty cool, the song and video. I guess it’s about being convicted because of your convictions. Eh, see there, that double meaning…pretty clever.


Was the claymation inspired by MTV?s ?Celebrity Death Match??


Not sure about that, but possibly. Maybe more so because they couldn’t nail us down for a shoot.


I?d assume filming videos is a massive pain in the ass. Taking all day long to shoot, stopping, starting, stopping again. Surely this was a break from the norm?


Yeah, it was a break from the norm. We haven’t done too many videos, but the ones we did do were a pain in the ass. But I guess it’s worth it in the end. Gotta get that music out there somehow.


Being one of the brains behind Deicide, how was it working with David Brodsky and putting this little gem together?


Well sometimes the best thing to do with an artist is just turn ’em loose and let ’em do their thing. And he certainly did with this video, so hats off to him.


Having been part of Deicide for so long, is there anything you feel you have missed out on over the past few years?


Yeah, I suppose there is. But having missed out on them, I never got to experience them, or in some cases, even know about them– so in a sense I can’t miss them. I guess it’s possible to miss what you never had, but seems kind of pointless dwelling on it.


Does the deathcore scene upset you?


No, the deathcore scene does not upset me in the least.


We saw a return to form with Glen?s vocals on To Hell With God. What subtle differences did you employ as a drummer?


I just went in and tried to lay down the craziest drum tracks I’d ever laid. But that is usually the goal, so nothing has changed in that respect. But each year I get a little bit better, so I can usually top the previous effort. Maybe not by much, but enough for me or maybe other drummers or music geeks to notice. It’s just about pushing myself, for no other reason than self improvement.


Now – you?re off on tour in a few weeks with Jungle Rot, Abigail Williams, and Lecherous Nocturne. It?s a mainly east coast plus Canada tour ? is this as warmup to a larger summer announcement?


Actually, you’re a little misinformed there. There are some east coast and a lot of Canada dates, but we’re also continuing on to the west coast and mountain zones and down through the southwest and Texas. But we do hope to get some more dates in the center of the country markets later in the year maybe.


To Hell With God has been out over a year ? when can we anticipate new Deicide material to start to pop up?


After this tour, I’ll start demoing ideas for the next record, but am in no particular hurry about it.


Outside of Deicide, you?ve been fairly active with Order Of Ennead. When is that beastly world of dark ambience coming back!?


OOE, as we call it for short, is on kind of a hiatus. We finished our deal with Earache and don’t have an agent to book us any gigs, so there’s no real point in doing anything. We demoed an album’s worth of songs over the last few months, but with no label or money to go record, seems kind of a mute point. So unless we get a new deal or some gig offers, it’ll probably be a while before we do anything again. But thanks for asking, we were pretty proud of that stuff. I thought it was pretty good.


Enlighten us on what the Ennead is?as far as I understand, it concerns Egyptian mythology.


Well the Ennead means “the Nine”, those being the main nine gods of the Egyptian pantheon– or any pantheon for that matter, they’re pretty much all related. As you mentioned earlier about the Mayans, in their prophecies it says at that end of the world scenario, nine gods will descend to do whatever it is they’re gonna do. Ain’t that something, the Ennead is coming in 2012– the Order Of Ennead. Too bad we didn’t have a new record coming out, we could time the release with their arrival. Now that’s marketing!


Any last words for Deicide fans itching to hear more from the band in 2012?


Well, we plan on hitting the road some more in the U.S and Europe this summer and maybe start writing some new stuff. So keep on the lookout for that and thanks a lot for all of the fan support over the years. We couldn’t do it without yous.

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