Dead To This World – Sacrifice

Dead To This World is the project of former Immortal bassist Iscariah, who has brought in members of Taake, Gorgoroth, and Black Flame to bring to life Iscariah?s vision of a sinister death/black metal sound. The band?s first EP, Sacrifice, comes over four years after First Strike For Spiritual Renewance. A new line-up welcomes this arrival of music, bringing the band back from the depths of uncertainty for a chance to again preach the virtues of war and Satan.

These ideals make their stance heard right from the get-go with ?Har Megiddo/Satan?s Storm.? This dizzying array of blasting bellows out of a synth intro to beckon the call of darkness. The title track is a rallying anthem to the masses, though without the crushing impact left by ?Har Megiddo/Satan?s Storm.? The EP goes against the grain at its end with the lumbering ?Altar of Mahakali.? Eight minutes of atmospheric death/black is highlighted by decent lead guitar work and a lengthy outro featuring a folk-ish instrumental augmented by samples of a rainstorm.

Bands that perform cover songs tend to either copy the exact song with no variations, or try to make it their own by deviating from the original vision. Dead To This World uses the former tactic with their rendition of Pentagram?s ?The Malefice.? Before we go any further, to answer what will probably be the question that immediately pops up, this is not from the classic doom metal act Pentagram. ?The Malefice? is from a little-known Chilean death metal group with the same name, and Dead To This World gives the original the same type of raw treatment Pentagram gave it back in the late ?80s.

Sacrifice is a strong EP that builds upon what began a few years ago with their first album. These five songs act as an appetizer that keeps the hunger growls away until their next LP; however, there is still a feeling of being unfulfilled from the rudimentary cover of ?The Malefice? and final track that languishes on the lengthy outro. ?Har Megiddo/Satan?s Storm? and the title track are enough to waver away any fears that their next album won?t be worth the time.

Rating: 7/10
Label: Soulseller Records
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By Dan Marsicano

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