New Guns N’ Roses Album Due in 2013?

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose has stated plain and simple that: ‘Making a new album is our priority’. Guitarist DJ Ashba even has 12 songs already penned for the new Guns N’ Roses album, which could surface in 2013. However, DJ Ashba added that Guns N’ Roses weren’t willing to put any kind of date on when they would return to the studio or when the record would be released. He added: “I can’t give anybody a definite date, because I’m not going to give anybody false hope. But it’s absolutely everybody’s goal to get out an album within a reasonable amount of time.”

Regarding what Axl Rose does in his free time, “Axl has tonnes and tonnes of stuff recorded as it is. I mean, he sits there in his hotel room and he’ll play me hours of stuff. And I’ve written over ten songs, I think 12 songs now, for him that he really likes.”




  1. Hcashinella says:

    Why doesn’t Axl just fuck off already its not like he is Kiss which still manage some decent songs.

    • UR Fucking NIghtmare says:

      I hate ppl like you always critisizing the big shot, u woant got out there and do what he did, it wasnt just his fault either for the album release the other band members werent doin nuthin either, Jackass

  2. pshneer says:

    and for the inevitable “what I want to know is -- which GNR lineup is gonna play the RRHOF ceremony” question/post

  3. bcross says:

    why should axl fuck off he’s doing great the only thing that annoys me is his lack of time keeping with albums (not gigs that doesnt bother me) he seems to do tjings in a spree instead of a schedule but this nwext album will be awesome with dj’s producing skills onboard and all those incomplete songs which need the vocals redoing to suit his voice now and how the band play now and we should get a great album without that top hatted popstar taking the glory for things he didn’t write again.

  4. kevin wright says:

    i believe axls a perfectionist and theres nothing wrong with that yea i mean it did take a long time to hear from him again but the wait was definitly worth it was just that people wanted to give him hell for that but the way i see it is in the end we still got what we wanted and that was another guns album and true fans wouldnt bitch and moan about how long the wait me personally id wait another fifteen years if i had to if that was the only way to get another album anybody knows axl blazes his own trail and he wont have it any other way and now that slash isnt ridin his coat tails anymore u can see where hes at axl made him and the rest of the old band and when axl wanted better they stayed back and he went on forward thats what anybody would do and anybody downin axl because he isnt coming out with an album tommorow isnt a true fan its his career and its got to feel right for him just like any other one of a kind axl is not your average rock star hes the greatest frontman ever he is the definition of rock

  5. bruno says:

    si ponele que salga en 2016.

  6. Anonymous says:

    nothing two say about gnr but i have got somthing two say two the ginger yeh you do have a soul your standing on them and 4 the ginger hair well i wood no let it bother you as your fucking receding any way and will b bald b 4 you get any ginger pubs so grow up Duracell and sort your life out.

  7. bruno says:

    que axl rose salga con los chicos malos izzy duff slash steven y que sean una vez mas los reyes de las calles y pisen el mundo entero es lo unico para que los fans y el rock n’ roll esten feliz gracias”

  8. beernutts says:

    hes right ginger shave your balkls and glue it on your head…………..axl is by all means my favorite singer unique voice n style im looking forward to a new album wen it comes it comes

  9. sir.michael.valentine says:

    i love axl and the guns n roses band no matter who plays in it today sometimes change is needed but the name guns n roses has always been metal with a few ballads here and there but this new Chinese Democracy album has only a few songs that are somewhat half way good im listen to a youtube remix of Shackler’s Revenge (Revelations Mix) and its better then the hole album axl needs to listen to this mix and understand the fans want the old sound back maybe in a modern way not this pop sound he has because just by listening to this i love shows axl still has the voice soo give us a new great album fix the bad rep the gun n roses name has today