Hillvalley Streaming New Songs Online

Turkey based act Hillvalley has posted several new tracks online for streaming. You can check out the songs “Kamizake,” “Hacking the Ghost,” “Burden of Life,” and “Shelter” by heading over to the Hillvalley Facebook profile here. Hillvalley also commented on its sound and history:

“After long years of taking part in music separately, Ender, Mehmet and Özgür finally decided to put their efforts into the same case. The motto of the band is: ‘Always create something, but brand new.’ And they do it fair. With the world-wide ‘Djent’ movement in music, Hillvalley started to take part in this genre with its rough low tuned guitars, polyrhythmic beats and progressive riffs. Hillvalley combines todays western hard tunes with eastern scales and instruments in a deep authentic way, thanks to its highly rich inhabitant music legacy.”

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Hillvalley Streaming New Songs Online

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