Nickelback’s Response to Critics: ‘We Sell a Lot of Records’

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When more than 40,000 people signed a petition aimed at preventing Nickelback from performing at halftime of the Detroit Lions’ annual Thanksgiving game, the Canadian rockers didn’t get testy or defensive. They made a funny video and played anyway, haters be damned.

According to frontman Chad Kroeger, the group — recently named the top musical turnoff by the dating site — is used to such ridicule.

“We get that all the time,” Kroeger said in an interview with Billboard. “We’ve never really been a critics’ darling or anything like that.”

If critics don’t like them, their accountants probably do. The Alberta foursome has sold 50 million albums worldwide and scored 17 mainstream and alternative rock hits. The band is certain to add to those numbers, as its latest album, ‘Here and Now,’ hit shelves last week.

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Nickelback’s Response to Critics: ‘We Sell a Lot of Records’

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