Sammy Hagar Suggests New Van Halen Songs Are Recycled

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Sammy Hagar can’t stop talking about Van Halen and Lord knows the band is being tight-lipped, leaving plenty of room for speculation from former singers in interviews. The band has released a photo where the members posed with Interscope Records staff, which is pretty much evidence that they’ve signed to the label, the anticipation for a new album, their first with David Lee Roth in nearly 30 years, is at all-time high.

Rolling Stone spoke to Hagar, who replaced DLR, and he suggested that Eddie Van Halen writes riffs, not songs, and that the “songs” the band will release are little more recycled outtakes. He also said that that band treats its fans in deplorable fashion.

Hagar said he can’t wait to hear the material, saying, “I’ll be the first guy waiting in line at the record store, if I could find one anymore. I’ll be really curious. I think they owe the fans that. I would love to see them make a great record. They have some of the most loyal fans in rock, and they’ve been treated so, so bad these last 20 years. I’m a real fan friendly guy.”

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Sammy Hagar Suggests New Van Halen Songs Are Recycled

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  1. B. Lyons says:

    Ok, well I’ve pissed away more money than I pissed away when I bought the new VH cd, honestly the band needs to just do instrumental, unless they can swallow their foolish pride and bring Sammy back and let Red Rocker write the songs. Instrument wise the album rocks but David Roth needs to stick to blues or just retire but I guess they needed someone to try to draw a crowd. Sorry but call it like I hear it, and I look to Eddie as inspiration as I’m also a guitarist. I mean really Eddie once quoted in Guitar Magazine, I don’t know where this stuff comes from, It hits me when I’m on the toilet, Eddie you rock but lyrics suck.