Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp: Playboy Mansion Finale Recap

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Eric Charbonneau

This past Saturday (Nov. 12), Noisecreep attended the finale party for this year’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp at the famed Playboy Mansion.

Earlier that day, Sunset Strip heavy metal kingpin Willie Basse left the final rehearsals for the finale performance, he knew there would be a killer show later that evening.

“I taught a master vocal class for a select number of campers on Saturday afternoon,” Basse told Noisecreep. “And I will tell you what, these folks could sing. I taught them how to take care of their voices, how to breath better along with some other tips, and they all listened well.”

For students at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, the experience was about to hit its climax as all of the bands would take the stage to play individual sets along with their mentor for the week. So at the end of Saturday’s rehearsals they were whisked back to the hotel, then taken up to the famed mansion, which had been converted for the evening into a rock ‘n’ roll playground of sorts.

Camp instructors Kip Winger, Rudy Sarzo and Lita Ford, among many others, were on hand for the festivities.

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp: Playboy Mansion Finale Recap

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