Pathology – Awaken To The Suffering

The world of Brutal Death Metal is a strange one. Being highly inaccessible to probably a huge percentage of the Earth?s population, you could safely say that the genre isn?t really for casual music fans. So what happens when one of the bigger bands in the scene starts to change? After Pathology hired Jonathan Huber, formerly of deathcore group I Declare War, to replace departed frontman Matti Way, the internet-webz rumour mill kicked back into life, with many questioning the group?s decision of hiring Huber and ultimately what effect it would have on the band?s sound.

The first thing that really sticks out about ?Awaken To The Suffering? is that is, well, really good. Yes, tunes like ?Society?s Desolation?, ?Hostility Towards Conformity? and first single ?Media Consumption? are all intensely extreme, but it?s also memorable and catchy, rather than a wall of sonic mayhem. While it might annoy older fans of the band, it also means that they band have potentially tapped into a new generation of listeners ? which is also helped by their semi-recent controversial signing to Victory Records ? the home of A Day To Remember, et al.

Huber?s vocals almost reach inhumanly low frequencies, just check out the absolutely filthy voice attack on opening number ?Dissected By Righteousness?. Admittedly though, the ultra brutal vocals do occasionally sound a little… well, out of place with Pathology?s new, less extreme sound. Whether this is a bad or a good thing is up to the listener, but the Gothenburg-styled riffing of ?Emesis? sounds a little unusual with the guttural singing, but the track offers up a couple of crunchy slams. However, to this reviewer?s ears at least, Huber?s vocals for the most part fit into the Pathology?s sound like a glove, but it?d be hard to overlook the fact that they do become fairly repetitive as the album goes on.

The thing that weighs ?Awaken To The Suffering? down though is the slightly re-cycled song structures, riffs and slams/breakdowns ? but if you?ve only got straight up brutal fun on your mind, you?d be hard pressed to find a better album than Pathology?s ?Awaken To The Suffering?. However, for those wanting a bit of variety and such, you might want to look elsewhere.

Rating: 7/10
Label: Victory Records

By Andrew Kapper


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