Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe on Djent: ‘It’s Not a Genre…It’s Stupid as Fuck’

While answering a number of fan questions on Twitter, Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe expressed his opinions on “djent,” a popular internet term referred to as a metal sub-genre inspired by Meshuggah.

In a series of tweets, Blythe commented,

“THERE IS NO SUCH FUCKING THING AS ‘DJENT’. ITS NOT A GENRE. I’m sorry, it’s STUPID AS FUCK. Metal already WAY over classified. Look dude- all this BULLSHIT ‘Deathcore’ & ‘Djentcore’ & fucking ‘Cantplayinreallifebutcanonacomputer-core’ it’s just a NAME.”



  1. Jesse Watson says:

    Well we all have opinions. That said, why is metal called “Metal”, furthermore why is it extended as something called “Heavy Metal” we all know it has nothing to do with weight. I don’t think that a single person can grant or take the viability of a genre, hell most of them were agreed on by a term that caught on. SO DOES THAT MEAN ALL GENRES WITH OUT LITERAL MEANING ARE VOID? I will make a genre that involves duck samples played behind high gained guitars and call it “Djuck.”

  2. Joe says:

    Blythe’s comments are beyond stupid. Using his logic, there would be no classifications for music. Does Mayhem sound like Hammerfall? No. Does Slayer sound like Black Sabbath? Not really. Does Morbid Angel sound like Brutality, well, yes. They do. And they call that something called Death Metal.

    To take Blythe’s comment seriously, Lamb of God does not play Heavy Metal. They play Rock N’ Roll. Bands that play Rock N’ Roll are actually playing Blues. When a bunch of musicians spontaneously start playing a sound that turns into a trend and that trend is given a name that’s accepted by the fans and sticks, there is nothing wrong with that. Blythe sounds like a giant crybaby who doesn’t want to keep up with the ever evolving state of metal and just doesn’t like the direction.

    Djent describes a sound and a very particular, easily identifiable sound.

    “‘Cantplayinreallifebutcanonacomputer-core’” him saying that would be like me telling him that his band can’t play guitars without electricity. Of course they can play without the computers as much as Lamb of God can play acoustic.

    And using the journalists as a target is a smoke screen to keep the attention off himself for acting the fool.

    The label of Heavy Metal was coined back when the word Heavy meant “serious”. Metal referred to the strings on the electric guitars. Then the New Wave of British Heavy Metal came. And as you progress through the history of heavy metal, the sounds that are created change quickly and dramatically. Tell me Finntroll sounds like My Dying Bride who sounds like Manowar who sounds like Slayer who sounds like Arcturus who sounds like Incantation who sounds like Black Sabbath who sounds like Darkthrone.

    None of these bands sound alike no matter which order you put them in.

    What a fucking goon.

  3. Anonymous says:

    yeah blythe u just sound like a chode on this. sorry we all cant play open 3 5 10 12 13 riffs. southern metal is just as “stupid”

    i didnt know music had cognitive abilities, to think and be intelligent.

  4. robbie jaws says:

    Randy you’re a fucking tool, you don’t even know what to do with a low tuned guitar go back to playing tam ass classic rock you old fuck

  5. robbie jaws says:

    pretty funny a guy who coins his own term of southern metal for tame ass classic rock in standard tuning condemning other gimmicks.. at least meshuggah can play, lets see this faggot blythe do anything other than look stupid at the 7 and 8 string. you’re sound was dead in the 90s, bru.

  6. John morlello says:

    I kinda agree with him it’s just a name sub genres are taken to way to serious just listen to the music and don’t woRry about that crap IMO