Biohazard to Release ‘Reborn in Defiance’ on September 23rd, Sans Evan Seinfeld

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Gino DePinto

Biohazard are back on September 23rd with their latest, ‘Reborn in Defiance,’ which will is their 10th studio effort and first in six years. While bassist and porn star Evan Seinfeld split with the band earlier this summer, he is featured on the record. The classic lineup – Evan Seinfeld [vocals-bass], Billy Graziadei [guitar-vocals], Danny Schuler [drums] and Bobby Hambel [guitar] – plays on the record for the first time since 1994’s major label debut, ‘State of the World Address.’ Biohazard proves you can go home again.

You can check the song ‘Reborn’ out by going here. It starts out with a squall of feedback, super fast riffs and Graziadei’s higher pitched vocals. It’ll transport you to CBGBs circa 1991, that’s for sure. There’s plenty of groove. “Our new album, ‘Reborn In Defiance,’ is everything I love about Biohazard, but more….in 2011! 100% ass-kicking in every way” is how Graziadei described the record, and we’re not going to argue with him, because it does sound like classic, groove-laced hardcore. It’s also a little darker than we expected.

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Biohazard to Release ‘Reborn in Defiance’ on September 23rd, Sans Evan Seinfeld


  1. ts says:

    Wow, I must have listened to a different track, because “Reborn” takes me back to ’91 for sure, but no so much to CBGB’s as to Metallica’s black album. It sounds like Biohazard trying to write a Metallica song and even Bobby’s solo sounds like Kirk Hammett. Not too many traces left of NYHC in these guys.

  2. nefist says:

    thats coz youre a retard. the song is pure hc metal groove biohazard. and metallica sucks cock.