Voices of Extreme – Break the Silence

New York-based rockers VOICES OF EXTREME formed in 2006, releasing their debut album, Hypocrite, which faired pretty well among fans and critics alike. So much so that it gained the attention of one Nicko McBrain, drummer of IRON MAIDEN, who came on board as a co-manager.

VOICES OF EXTREME might not be well-known to some of you reading this, but you ought to familiarize yourself with them. They are a band that really brings some balls-out hard rock flavor to the table.

I wasn?t familiar with their previous material, but with their sophomore release, Break the Silence, I am quite pleased with their musical diversity and delivery. Originally released in 2010 but now re-released through Metalville. There?s 10 tracks that boast many different musical influences and styles with plenty of variation from song to song.

VOICES OF EXTREME has a modern day rock formula with AOR influences and radio friendly appeal. But they have a heavier edge that separates them from the homogenized pre-packaged radio ga ga. V.O.X.?s influences range from METALLICA thrash riffs to G N? R dirty rock ?n? roll to GODSMACK?s accessibility to NICKLEBACK?s songwriting qualities. The album includes rockers, ballads, softer melodies, ripping solos and a pounding rhythm section. I can picture most of these songs rocking out on the radio to uninformed but surprised listeners.

Vocalist Don Chaffin is the sparkling diamond in this batch of gems, often sounding like a cross between Chris Cornell, Robert Plant and Lenny Wolf. Their lineup also includes guitarist Nick Gertsson, drummer John Macaluso (ARK, TNT, Yngwie Malmsteen), and bassist Bob Brennan. On this release, V.O.X. has added guitarist David Mercado to their line up.

There’s a lot to like about Break the Silence. If you’re into this type of rock with powerful, emotive vocals, then Break the Silence is for you. It?s so catchy and it rocks.

By Kelley Simms
Website: www.myspace.com/voicesofextreme


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